911 Ground Zero Mosque Rally

Protest mosque

Photo from our June 6th protest

Stand up and join us at our FDI/SIOA 911 rally against the Ground Zero mega mosque on September 11th at 2pm at Park Place between Church and West Broadway.

Confirmed list of speakers joining Rob Spencer and me at the FDI/SIOA demonstration on September 11th at 2pm:

911 WTC families

Ambassador John Bolton

Geert Wilders, Dutch Parliamentarian

Jordan Sekulow (ACLJ)

Andrew Breitbart

Join the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to 9-11 Rally.

For those of you who do not use Facebook and want to join a carpool and the Caravan, send your info to starsandstripescaravan@yahoo.com. Give your name/email/state & city you are coming from. Include how many seats you need. Also let them know if you can help with gas/food etc… One of the admins of their group will post your need/ ability to help and get back to you.

  • Esther

    Shame on you! Whose “freedom” are you defending? Because as far as I can see, you are out to PROHIBIT THE FREEDOMS of Muslim-Americans to practice their religion.

  • Jessica

    No, shame on you! Tolerance does not necessarily include tolerating the intolerant!! Tolerating the intolerant will only lead to more intolerance for everyone else, and that is NOT a strength! We will remember people like you when the West has been fully Islamized and all women walk around in burqas. What a great world that would be, right?

  • Esther, are you crazy? You support the very people who would take away your rights! When must Muslims start showing “tolerance?”

  • Esther

    Islamaphobia leads to radicalization, folks.
    Europe has had far more frequent encounters with terrorism than us. Why? Because of an Islamaphobic society, that increasingly pushed moderate Muslims out of society, instead of integrating them and tolerating their beliefs. Osama Bin Laden preached to American Muslims, insisting that the same thing would happen in America, and that, despite our Constitutional religious RIGHTS here in America, they would still be marginalized and made second-class citizens.
    Are you about to prove him right?
    Sacrificing our values is going to lead to increased radicalization in this country. If you deny Constitutional rights of these people, they have all the more reason to turn to extremism.
    If we want to be American, we need to hold on to our values- and that means PRACTICE our values.

  • Charlie

    The only ones fighting a culture war are you guys and your counterparts in Al-Qaeda. FDI seems to have more in common with them than any of the Americans it claims to defend. Keep your childish warmongering out of our cities, and stop exploiting this terrible event in our history as a rationalization for the despicable amount of hatred that is flowing through your veins!

  • Esther

    Thanks, Charlie. I’m glad someone else can see this madness is this thing.

  • Esther

    on the Muslim prayer center, located on the 17th floor of one of the World Trade Centers, before 9/11.
    Muslims are Americans. Just because they make up a small portion of our nation’s population doesn’t mean they are any less American or patriotic than you or I.
    Whether its people getting up in arms over a community center / Mosque in downtown NYC, or wacko church leaders threatening to burn the Quaran, Islamophobia in this country is on the rise, and in a very frightening way. The only reason I keep posting on this hateful website is in hopes that maybe someone will read it and think twice about the paranoid rhetoric that’s been going around.

  • If Islam wants to subjugate the United States, render it part of the Umma, erase its unique culture based on its near-unique blend of Enlightenment secularism and Judaeo-Christian values and subject it – US – to Sharia, then we must ask how will it do so.
    At first I tried to deny that this is what this mosque complex was about – you know, that it was a free exercise of religion issue.
    But why is Rauf an advocate for Sharia?
    Why is it named the Cordoba House, named after an Islamic conquest in Christian Europe?
    WHY was its planned opening day September 11, 2011? I mean the nerve?
    Why does Rauf warn us that Muslims will riot if the building is not built?
    I previously supported the building of this mosque not in itself but as a free exercise of religion and property rights. But I was wrong. This is the equivalent of an animal marking its territory by excretion but Manhattan is under American jurisdiction, not that of Islamic Sharia.
    We liberals should not be afraid to take our own sides in an argument, to be masters in our own house. America is our house and all I can say to my conservative friends is I am sorry to have been so slow on this issue.