The FDI CPAC Conference: Now on DVD!

 “The single most important event of this three-day conference.” — Mark J. Koenig at David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog


The Freedom Defense Initiative conference “Jihad: The Political Third Rail — What They Aren’t Telling You,” held at the site of the Conservative Political Action Conference 2010, was the only event at this most pivotal of conservative gatherings to discuss the single greatest threat our nation faces today: that of the global jihad.

The crowd was standing room only; many had to be turned away at the door. But now this ground-breaking event is available in its entirety on DVD! This professionally shot DVD includes all the dynamic and eye-opening talks in crisp video and clear audio.

This DVD is an extraordinary teaching tool: you can use it to awaken your civic or church group, or even your family and friends, to the reality of jihadist activity — both violent and stealthy — in the U.S. and around the world, and to how seriously our freedoms are imperiled.

Learn from the courageous ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan about the everyday miseries to which Muslim women are subjected as a matter of course; from ex-Pentagon official Steve Coughlin about the appalling extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. government, and how it hamstrings our ability to head off terror attacks; from Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Austria and Anders Gravers of Denmark about Europe’s rapid abandonment of the freedom of speech in the face of Islamic infiltration; and from Simon Deng about the final outcome of the jihad: the complete subjugation and even outright enslavement of non-Muslims. Then Allen West delivers a speech for the ages — an informed, passionate indictment of the politically correct fog that blankets us today, and a ringing call to defend our freedoms before it’s too late.

All of it is hosted by the directors of FDI and SIOA: Pamela Geller, one of the most dynamic, charming, and well-informed speakers on the scene today, and the scholar of Islam and jihad Robert Spencer.

Get this unique and extraordinary DVD now for only $18.00! (This price includes the cost of shipping.) Send check or money order to:

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  • Very good teaser of the whole program. I wish I could have been there, live, to see and experience this. Will have to settle for the CD. Many thanks. Karl @ NPL

  • i jst watched The FDI CPAC Conference: and this are my words! I`m from switzerland and i want so do something against the muslim and islam spread in switzerland! young girls get killed by theyr fathers because they start to adapt to western life! young swiss people get atracted by islam moscs and they start to call them selfs “abu jahid what ever”! people start to talk about jihad and sharia! i will not accept! and i can`t accept! i¨m looking for organisations like yours here in europe! i`ve started to contact jewish and israelian organisations, but they won`t take me serious because switzerlands role during ww 2! faults of my grandfather may be! so can you give me some help?
    watbr Heinz Zürcher, Bern, Switzerland
    Ps. what makes the problems cook over, we just hsd a vote: that makes it unpossible to bild minaretts in this country! may be a fault, Lybia tuk swiss hostages also because his son was arrested here for beeting up one of his stuff!

  • It is a pity that those who oppose Islam, I do not know WHAT the performances against Islam, they will act against a total chains, which is Islam! Many believers religion of Jesus, have forgotten that the emergence of the Last Prophet in the world it is Jesus said. BUT keep silent about it the same priest. They also hides HISTORY OF JESUS.
    Calling Jesus the Jews, allowed to be assassinated it and make a martyr. They, the Jews, destroying other people in prison in Palestine forgotten how in the same way Nazis did to them and their children. For whom they are taking revenge, the same brothers in faith – the Muslims! FACT FIGHT BETWEEN BROTHERS CONTINUES. YES, NOW GO Crusade against Islam. AND THIS TRIP-headed Ben-Laden. But many people forgot that he grew up with Judah VILLAGE IN YEMEN.
    And so, he who oppose Islam and tell the truth about Prophet Mohammed, THAT REALLY do not understand.
    Especially do not understand what religion is.
    Long ago, when there were crusades do not have internet and all was taken as competition. NOW AVAILABLE ON DIRT pour anybody! Shame on those Americans and those who plot against Islam!
    Because they see things than politics govern. Since JIHAD sponsoring policy both in America and in other states. Islam has nothing to do with politics Ben-Laden.
    He just the torturers and murderers! Owned by Bush and Ben-Laden FRIENDS quarrel, A PART HERE ISLAM!
    ALL are such Islamic scholars? It simply is not respect for their religion. IF YOU spits on ISLAM, YOU spit on his religion, namely: Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, And many other prophets. All of them, unlike Jesus were mortal. That’s what you said and it YOUR HOME PAGE ERROR! You belong to the Holy Prophet as gods. And they were just people from THEIR mistakes and shortcomings!
    Same SELECTED Jews, whom they considered himself, still killing MUSLIMS IN PALESTINE, using modern weaponry!
    Nevertheless we do it quietly! Because they like the most affected people DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR have that right!
    BUT who gave them that right – to kill Palestinians!
    And who gave you right to condemn Islam! OR YOU From Heaven was a sign!
    Know that you all got what they deserved And you burn in the fire!
    YOU ARE NOT BELIEVERS! You’re Beasts!
    am against drugs and prostitution. ISLAM AGAINST USE POLICY OF RELIGION. And connecting old SAINTS LEGEND MOHAMMED TO THIS LIFE, THIS IS HOW Scarecrow DINOSAURS THE MODERN WORLD! That’s ridiculous!
    ISLAM something of a living and stronger. ISLAM IS PEACE AND ORDER, CLEAN! But HEALTHY PEOPLE DO NOT Who does not like. The same drug barons and arms producers using in the WAR!
    Since this is done in the U.S.. Shame on USA! And Shame on former U.S. president, namely Bush. To become a star and popular with the person of his PEOPLE NEED TO FIND ENEMIES! And the enemies had suddenly become ISLAM!
    Bravo! Bravo and Shame on all Americans!


    Excuse me ..i have not read the quran..i do know some passages and they are not reassuring.Islam glorifies death.. spend your day researching palestina’s..look at the phot’s depicting small children with proud father’s..why r these dad’s proud..because they dressed their small children in suicide outfit;;bombs strapped on them..they teach their innocent children from birth to hate..hate evryone who is not muslim. Watch the video’s of 5 year old palestinians shouting out death slogan to the jews. Watch video’s of 8..9 yr.old palestinan boys holding guns to be used to kill and maim.Any religion that center’s around death..maiming..suffering is EVIL!!

  • Zoe

    (practicable) instant worldwide TRUE democracy
    Ranked Ballot (voters ranking candidates in order of preference) plus “Organized Communications” will put an end to war & all other forms of violence, past & present. Because it always elects the candidate most exactly in the middle of all voting, “RB” is top-dead-center counter extremist, & thus more anti-terrorist than all the many recent retrenchments combined. Because it gives an equal chance of winning to not just all parties, but all combinations of programs, RB is the only thing that’s truly just & free. (RB is the sole unchangeable plank & bylaw of the Preferential Ballot Party, the only practicable third party.) We imagine running on the single issue of RB, promising a citizens’ advisory board based on Organized Communications (“OC”, small randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps to higher & higher random levels, by means of RB, until one small group, exactly in the middle of all voting, remains at the top) to guide us in the rest That’s the instant part. You do the same, from the most local on up.
    By the power of its example alone, RB will give us practicable instant worldwide true democracy. Virtually no democracy has ever been attacked by another. In a world of only democracies, there would no longer be need of the counter-productive wastefulness of armies, war or the preparation for war. RB will bring us that & all else: a real solution to terror, a perfect marriage of Freedom & Justice, Tradition & Modernity, Palestinian & Jew, Free Market & Communalism, all the fairness, payback & make-up one could wish for, clean to the Cro-Magnons, ecologically sustainable politics, what’s best for all workers, instant global women’s liberation, world-wide luxury, a rationalization of the drug wars, human unity, the Freedom of Justice & the Justice of Freedom, perhaps the only possible solution to the world’s only real problem, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (once they both are made to have to adopt RB), even integrity. RB is to the horse & buggy two-party system as shopping in the Mall of America is to shopping in Soviet Russia. RB lessens the power of the extremes, whether authoritarian, economic or sectarian, except through what they can gain by persuasion, which is only what’s just. While it would be equally useful for all else, RB’s real power is perhaps most clearly shown in the case of potential civil war in Iraq. Unless its Parliament comes to select the Prime Minister by means of RB, it may not hold & the country, region & world will be in danger of going to war over some ancient grudge, oil well, multi-ethnic city, or sabotaged pipeline. While the new constitution does call for the selection of the President by a 2/3 vote in the first round (even if only by the parliament & not the people) (who may then decide who will form the new government) & then by a run-off between the top two vote getters in the second round, if that fails to move all three tribes to nominate centrists, then the resulting handful of old men in a back room will fall far short of RB’s ultimate retail politics. RB would be equally useful for all electoral systems (parliamentary or presidential, the parliaments chosing their PMs by RB from among the members, lest they produce another Hitler or other extreme) coops, collective leaderships, tribal groupings, religious confessions, political parties, associations or, even cabals. Whoever gets there first wins. For leaders to best represent their country, or district, whether chosen at large or by a representative body, they must be the perfect compromise, most exactly in the middle, as is given by RB. Yet because it gives minorities a real say in which member of the plurality/majority gets chosen, RB is the only thing that will lead Iraqis, or anyone else, to support any plan more than inadequate confederation. It will result in “phantasmagoric subtlefaction”, real-time alternatives to all proposals, from wherever: market, coop or social, tribal, theological or universal, answering infinitely more questions at a time than the two party system’s “who is least bad”. Both more Liberty & Justice can be found in RB than in any ideology. With brakes & reverse comes no more need to suppress popular movements around the world. RB will give us subtlety, responsivity, light-footedness, long-sightedness, objectivity, economy, unity, accountability, integrity & victory over extremism. Palestinians & Jews will give up fighting over a sliver of desert & become members of global cooperatives, all the various forms of hegemonism, whether up front, subterranean or unconscious, will be given up, in exchange for leading the world to the light, & America will finally realize the need for an adequate, howsoever minimal, safety net as the price & foundation of a free market.
    Help put this idea, in time, to as many as possible, before “Clockwork Orange” (overpopulation), “1984” (high-tech dictatorship), cosmic collision, tectonic, economic or environmental collapse, or literalist contretemps. The cost of a full page national ad (sufficient to put RB to virtually all the world) would be repaid in no time, once all that money gets put to actual productive use, at pre-9/11 US annual defense spending of $10,000 per family. Ten to the power of ten (ten levels of groups of ten) would be sufficient to organize & unite all mankind.
    RB is very freeing. Because it always chooses the candidate in the middle, all those who support it are perfectly top-dead-center, with no more need to fear. Politics will become a family discussion around the kitchen table, with no more jumping back & forth between extremes, or absence of the economists’ requirement of predictability for growth. All that’s needed is to let go of the nut & get your fist back out of the knothole, to free yourself, & to rest in the knowledge that RB will give us perfect Freedom & perfect Justice, at one & the same time, even if not necessarily in the form imagined, as if anyone would then care. Good enough for New Zealand, Australia, Kerala India, Iraq, London, Ireland, Cambridge Mass, Burlington & 95% of the townships of Vermont, Pierce County Washington, St Paul & Minneapolis Minnesota, the Utah Republican Party for the selection of statewide candidates, numerous student bodies, the platforms of both the Green & Libertarian Parties & 50 college student bodies across the US with more places coming every year, but not good enough for the rest of us? It must be in somebody’s interest! How can we wish it of others if we do not have it ourselves? Having spent every spare moment from the invasion, to the vote on the constitution emailing every Iraqi I could find about RB, I would like to claim some little credit for the reforms they did adopt. No woman ever got pregnant to have an abortion. The only imaginable definition of Freedom (& Morality) is “Do as you wish, but harm no other”. The maker & sustainer of this world (& cosmos) could have no need of one bit of it. The fiercer the history of the planet, the sooner it would have been blissed out behind ethnic homogeneity, & thus democracy. Tax consumption, not investment, & spread the productivity around. All powers to their lowest appropriate level. All human evil is due to the out of phase fluctuation of population & food supply, so noone alive is responsible for the mess we find ourselves in, except what they do now. Justice is the redress of past violence, Freedom the current absence of violence & nonviolence the only basis of all Morality. Just go out & collect signatures, asking those who sign to collect them for you as well. The more the merrier. (The “additive” form of RB is to count the first choices & if noone has 50%, to add in the next choices, & so on until someone finally does.)

  • Jose Carlos

    There are good people in all faiths, not to be judged by the way the majority interpret their writings. However the facts are there to be read in any language, any interpretation of the Quran: Islam as taught by Mohammad is a ‘religion’ of DEATH and INTOLERANCE to all things non-Muslim. Our own western civilization and values are an affront to the present day interpretation of Islam and it’s view that Sharia and eventual total takeover of all governments is inevitable. Perhaps in Europe it will happen, but in the USA, sharia and dhimitude, the jizah tax, and intolerance to criticism and comments about Islam, which amount to expressions of freedom and opinion (I have never seen a Jew or Christian detonate a human bomb, hijack aircraft, use car bombs, etc, to kill others, irregardless of religion; note that in the Arab/Muslim world, blood oaths, death threats, even TV shows about Jews do nothing short of demonizing them and condemn all to death). Personally, if Jihad ever really reaches the US shores and cities, they will have to “pry my cold dead fingers from my rifle”…

  • hotstuff

    They do Worse than building their Evil shit On Our Land !
    moslims are Massively into Child Abuses And Child prostitutions With YOUR Children And Collaboratie with jews who lead These Crimes
    The used heroin,ghb,lsd ,Reproductioninhibitors,Muscle­traumainductors ,
    scopolamine(to cross examine YOUR Children And blackmail and extort the Parents , Families , Politicians , Officials , Loved Ones)…
    usually given at campweeks YOU CAN FIND RIGHT NÒW IN ALMOST EVERY CHILD ALIVE IN ALL THE WESTERN WORLD jews Also Massively rape and drug the Children of the afrikans and moslims again with out thém knowing it

  • Curtis W. Brent

    Hey, hotstuff, your ignorance and biggotry are showing, maybe you should wrap up you anti-semmitisim in your confederate flage and slink back to whatever rock you crawled out from under, eh? And Jose Carlos, I am with you to the last breath my Brother, they will not take this Great Nation while WE live, GOD bless America!

  • The Christian Bible calls Satan a destroyer and a liar. Now, ask yourself, which group of religious people use destruction and the threat of destruction agains those that do not agree with them? Which religion teaches, by its own admission and quotes from their holy book that it is alright to lie to others all for Allah? Answer these two questions and you have the answer in identifying Satan’s own children.
    There is coming a great backlass against Islam — they are their own worst enemy and the world will one day get there fill of this religion, terrorist or not. The Letter from Hienz ( the lead letter) is an example of this and is growing in Europe. Those praticing Islam may be driving many European youth to seek a religion themselves to combat this wicked religion. Evil is evil and does as evil does and all religions recognize a devel god, a demon god a Satan and knowing this evil being is alive and working his evil, wouldn’t it make sense he would have a religion of his own to use against men? Wouldn’t this false, evil, religion call all others children of Satan? This is the deception of the minds of the real children of Satan, to call others those names, names that really belongs to them. The religion of Islam cannot be saved and it is not saving the people, but destroying, not only others, and the innocent but themseleves also. What god would reward anyone one that deliberately murders innocent people in the name of their god?
    Please, remember, it is all about religion, it is not a political arguement but a religious argument. It is about what you believe and how you conduct yourself. Killing in the name of Allah? If I were Allah I would be ashamed of those sacrificing the blood of the innocent so those claiming to be his can glorify themselves in a totally selfish act of murder. Oh, you say, look at evil America, what about evil America? If there were no America Islam would be calling someone else evil. If all that were left of the nations was Islam only, then the war and murder would continue agains other Islam brothers. The future of Islam would eventually end with the total elimination of all mankind, and just who is it that would like that? Yes, Satan, he hates all of us humans, not matter the color of your sken or what you believe or what he can get you to believe, he, Satan, lives for all huimanities destruction and he has those so deceived in helping him to do this.
    All the haters of others are destroyers of themselves and others and pay attention to the god of forces and destruction. This, of course, applies to everyone, not just the Islamic warriors of death. A time is coming and soon will be when all will be judged by a just God and this God is not going to reward the murderer, the killers, the liars, the evil of men with life eternal. Search you own mind of hate and see if you see this is so. See the sense of it all, look deep within you spirit, do you turly believe that by murder and threats, and lies, and other evil acts you god is going to want you in his Kingdom? Is this the people you would want in you Kingdom? Stop and think for yourself —

  • Carroll

    To these people who are sucking up to their pedophile prophet, shut the hell up. I HAVE read your koran. I DO understand the sira and the hadith and the sunna and the caliphs. It’s all lies made up by a mad man or very possibly he did see an angel but, it was a demon from hell OR SATAN HIMSELF. I am NOT a dhimmi OR kafir. I AM of the people of the book and very, very proud of it. You keep on praying to your god and one day you’ll find out it was Satan you’ve been praying to and you’ve kissed the ass of a false prophet who raped children just like you still do today. You’re also homosexual. You rape little boys. You practice beastiality. YOU have the guts to tell me we’re wrong. That we sin. I hyope we have war in the streets with idiots. Your in our country. You have no where to run. Please allow me to make you a martyr. I want to help you to get your virgins. Hah..wait to you find out you’ve got demons to have sex with. You do not belong in our country. Go back to the country your from. Either that or you’ll find the battlefield right here. You will NOT take away our Constitution or our freedom. You WILL die if you try. I swear this.

  • AJ

    Hey Everybody? Just TRY and make it two more years. Then this ass clown we have in office who kisses every Muslim ass out there, is gone. Problem solved.

  • Grishnak

    The sad thing is that there are, as history proves, a huge percentage of Muslims who are perfectly content to live in peace alongside the rest of us.
    We can try to deny that fact, but as stated, history supports the idea that not all muslims down thru the ages have tried to destroy their neighbors.
    Im a Christian and frankly I would like to see Christians and Muslims living in peace as they have for centuries in parts of the world.
    But what I am fearful of is not about Islam taking over the world. That wont happen because humanity as a whole will not be subjugated. That also is proven from historical evidence…and any muslim who thinks otherwise is sadly deluding himself.
    What I actually fear is that the murderous, violent minority of Islam will keep pushing this jihad crap until the citizens (not the leadership who have failed in every conceivable way) of this world will have finally have had enough and turn on Islam to try to eradicate it from the planet.
    Twice in history Islam has gained foothold in this world and twice it has been put back down. Hopefully we are not coming to a day where the world yet again has to put violent Islam in its place…because a lot of innocent Muslims who just want to live in peace and raise families like the rest of us may end up paying for the idiocy of the few.