The Palestinians and Their Crazy Claims

Israeli Ice Cream Causes Miscarriages  

According to the PA’s Ministry of National Economy, Israeli ice cream causes miscarriages and thus should be avoided.  

Here is the PA announcement:

Israeli ice cream contains Listeria monocytogenes which might lead to suppressing the immune system and miscarriages for pregnant women.

Our teams made sure that our markets do not carry the Israeli product, and we invite you to use the national products that are of high quality and competitive.

There is a small grain of truth to this. Exactly one Israeli ice cream chain, Buza, with four stores, has announced that it discovered a small amount of listeria. It never was sold in any Palestinian stores. The problem has been fixed. No other Israeli shops, or brands of ice cream, were affected.

Of course if Israeli ice cream really did “cause miscarriages,” those most affected would be Israeli women. Does that make sense?

According to Elder of Ziyon:

In a normal consumer announcement, the government would specify the brand, the lot numbers, the expiration dates, and tell consumers to discard anything they already bought. The ministry did none of that.

It wants Palestinians to think that all Israeli cream is dangerous.

Incidentally, Buza is co-owned by an Israeli Jew and an Israeli Arab.


In Israel, Only Jews Can Practice Polygamy  

Elder of Ziyon has a funny piece about a claim made on PA TV by one Fayez Abbas, “Israeli affairs expert:”

PA TV “Israeli affairs expert” Fayez Abbas: Another article in the [Israeli] paper Haaretz –says that in the Negev (i.e., in southern Israel) there are 6,680 cases of men who are married to more than one woman, and the [Israeli] police or attorney’s office claim that they did not succeed in enforcing the anti-polygamy law. In Israel it is forbidden to marry more than one woman for Arabs, for Muslims only. The Jew can marry more than one woman according to the law in Israel (sic.), but the Arab cannot. [The Arab] is sentenced to an active prison term and the payment of heavy fines.” [Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, July 4, 2021]

This is of course absurd, as Paragraph 176 of Israel’s Penal Law, which prohibits polygamy, applies to everyone living in Israel, without exception.

No one in Israel, Jew, Muslim, or Christian, is allowed to practice polygamy. See Paragraph 176 of the Penal Law.

The 6,680 men in the Negev who are disobeying that law are all Bedouins. Didn’t the fact that these polygamists were all found in the Negev alert Fayez Abbas to that likelihood?

Does a clown like Fayez Abbas really believe what he says? And which do you think would be worse: that he does believe what he says, or that he doesn’t?

But the entire PA television station, and thus the PA itself, are implicated In spreading this nonsense. How absurd do they want to appear? Apparently, very.


Jewish Settlers “Storming Al-Aqsa Mosque”  

One more from Elder of Ziyon:

Quds News tweeted a video of Jews walking and singing as they walked up the wooden ramp to visit the Temple Mount, with the absurd caption that they were “storming Al Aqsa.”  

Here is what Quds News said to accompany the video:

230 Israeli settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards under the protection of Israeli occupation forces and performed provocative tours, today.#FreePalestine— Quds News Network…

Look at the video in the tweet above. Quds has no idea if these Jews were “settlers,” as it claims – that is, Israelis from the West Bank. What it calls “occupation forces” were simply Israeli policemen, tasked with two duties: preventing Arabs on the Temple Mount from attacking both Jewish visitors and Jews praying at the Wailing Wall below, with rocks, and making sure that while on the Mount visiting Jews do not pray or even mouth silent prayers, which would offend Muslims. No one was “storming” anywhere. The Jews can be seen walking at a moderate pace. They did not shout or scream, but sang a song, possibly a prayer. They did not carry shawls, or prayer books, much less weapons to “storm” an enemy’s site. They were going to the Temple Mount, not to “perform provocative tours” – it’s hard to be “provocative” when you can’t even say a prayer — but simply because it was their right to be there. Just before the solemn holiday of Tisha b’Av, these visitors wanted to visit the holiest site in Judaism. And that was all they wanted. Was that so hard to understand?

But the truth won’t matter. The word will now go out, from the Quds News to other Arab and Muslim news organizations worldwide, and then in turn will be picked up by the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, Western media: BBC, Agence-France Press, Deutsche Welle, the New York Times, the Washington Post, that will with negligent ease inform their audiences that “Israeli settlers are reported to have stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque.” And many, especially Muslims, will actually believe it.