No one but AFDI is taking the fight to the enemies of freedom, challenging their steady encroachments on free speech and free expression. Rendered desperate by the victory of Donald Trump and the loosening of their stranglehold on the public discourse, the forces of darkness and hatred are working harder than ever to erode the ability of free people to take a public stand against an increasingly authoritarian and oppressive left.

Lots of people are talking about the American left's ever-growing hatred for America and opposition to freedom -- but only at AFDI are we doing something about it despite repeated calls for my death.

We're countering the ever-widening social media block on forces of freedom. We are fighting for our right to speak as the social media giants steadily choke us out and deny us platforms. We’re fighting for our right to tell the truth and counter deceptive Islamic and leftist propaganda in Boston, New York, Seattle, and all over the nation. Our ad campaigns, free speech events, First Amendment lawsuits, and protests across the nation move the ball forward despite the vicious head winds.

Most Americans don't realize how seriously imperiled our freedom of speech really is. But we are fighting back. We are not about to allow the media and political elites silence and marginalize a whole spectrum of American opinion, and an entire segment of the American public.

We will never give up fighting for the freedom of speech and we will never stop telling the truth about the global jihad.

But we can't do all this and our other work in defense of freedom without you: YOU are the one who makes it all happen. But at a time when the political and media elites are more compromised than ever, our work has never been more crucial. Please make your tax-deductible donation via PayPal to AmericanFreedomDefense -at- aol -dot- com, or send your check to:

Pamela Geller
American Freedom Defense Initiative
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