ACLU Rallies to NYC-NJ Terror Suspect’s Side to Cry ‘Unconstitutional!’

The Muslim man, Ahmad Khan Rahami, accused of carrying out terror bomb attacks at separate spots in New Jersey and New York, and injuring 31 in the process, has been recuperating from a shoot-out with police in a hospital, reportedly still unconscious.

In the meanwhile, suspect Rahami’s family has found him an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union – who in turn has already found cause to cry, “unconstitutional!”

The Daily Mail reports:

“Rahami is [reportedly] ‘incapacitated and intubated’ in a New Jersey hospital, meaning he is not in sufficient health to be presented in court. …

“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) began representing him on Monday, and has suggested Rahami may still be unconscious.

“Udi Ofer, the New Jersey ACLU chapter’s executive director, said the suspect’s family spoke with his doctors for the first time on Monday, after numerous requests.

“ACLU attorney Alexander Shalom said law enforcement officials have informed them he remains unconscious.

“Ofer said Rahami’s father and wife requested the organisation represents him until he is appointed a federal public defender or other lawyer.”

And here comes the cry for rights …

The Daily Mail goes on:

“He said denying Rahami’s right to a lawyer ‘violates the Constitution and needlessly sacrifices civil liberties in the name of national security.’

“Ofer continued: ‘It is outrageous that Mr. Rahami has been in custody for a week yet has been denied the right to have an attorney visit him to confirm his condition and protect his constitutional rights.'”

Right. You know what else is outrageous?

The fact this terror suspect is probably receiving better and more expensive health care than the 31 victims he left in his bombing wake – allegedly.

Or, the fact this terror suspect is probably going to be treated to a first-class team of politically charged lawyers, all of whom will prove pit-bulls in the court room – while the 31 victims, no doubt seeking compensation for their injuries and medical bills, will be left in the cold, or at the very least, entangled in a snare of lengthy and costly legal fights.

Or, the fact the mainstream media will spend untold numbers of hours looking at all the ways society produced Rahami, by letting him down and ignoring the signs – in effect, providing aid and support to his legal team to show, ultimately, the terrorist – alleged – is the real victim here.

The list of real outrages could go on.

But watch how this trial unfolds. If Obama had more time, no doubt he’d be throwing in the weight of his Department of Justice to investigate the civil rights infringements the ACLU is already alleging.