Action Alert! Fight the Media’s Norway Campaign of Destruction

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Dear American Freedom Lover:

The murders in Norway were a horrific tragedy – but even worse, powerful forces are trying to expand the list of victims by exploiting the tragedy to shut down FREE SPEECH!

This can’t be allowed to happen!

Today, we are writing to you for your attention and support in protecting not just my right, but YOUR RIGHT and the rights of all Americans to speak freely about the critical issues facing our nation without fear of retribution.

No sooner had the cold-blooded killer been apprehended than the blood libel began.

The mainstream media called this savage a CHRISTIAN, and tried to blame the murder of those innocent souls on “Radical Christianity!” It is unbelievable!

One by one, the armies of disinformation fell into line: The New York Times, NBC News, The Los Angeles Times, the BBC, and all the rest. They began a smear campaign of destruction and defamation when they decided to blame the murders on us – two of the nation’s strongest proponents of FREE SPEECH – Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer!  We are making a difference and successfully fighting Islamic supremacism; we wouldn’t be drawing this kind of heat if we weren’t…..

…and we need YOUR HELP TODAY so we can continue fighting back and taking the heat for freedom loving Americans everywhere.

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Free Speech and Speaking Out Against Islamic supremacism

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TRUTH is “the new hate speech,” and our ONLY crime was, and is, telling the truth about the threat of jihad and Islamic supremacism, and calling upon people peacefully to resist the destruction of our freedoms.
No one except us,  Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, and a few others, have continually, and daily, flooded the blogosphere with opinions, articles, and information on who, what, when and why our country is under attack from Islamic supremacism  — no one continues to be as tenacious and BOLD in asking the probing questions about the Fort Hood massacre — the Times Square Bomber – the thousands of thwarted terrorist attacks that have been nearly delivered upon the American people –

…Robert and I speak the truth day in and day out and stand on the front lines of freedom.

….And now they want to shut us up!  Now, one madman in Norway could do more than kill seventy-six innocent youths.  He could kill the entire anti-jihad movement to defend FREEDOM in the west.  That’s exactly what the media, the chattering classes, and the political elites want, and they intend to accomplish their goal!

I say NO to them!

With your help we will continue to SPEAK THE TRUTH!

With your help, we will have our 9-11 Memorial Rally and let not only FREEDOM RING, but let the entire world know that FREE SPEECH is alive and well.

Your Contribution TODAY goes directly to the Protection of
Free Speech and Speaking Out Against Islamic supremacism

Support American Freedom Defense Initiative With Your Tax-Deductible
Contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or other

We dare to lay bare the hateful agenda of the mainstream media – and that’s why they fear and hate us.  Make no mistake: the Leftist/Islamic supremacist media machine means to destroy us.  Even with the limited resources we have, we have done serious damage to their politically correct myths about the true nature of terrorism. 

NOW, THEY ARE PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS, and trying to use the NORWAY murders to marginalize, discredit and silence the few voices speaking out forthrightly with the truth.

That is why we need your help!  We must beat back the lies with the truth. 

We do that every day on ATLAS SHRUGS and JIHAD WATCH. 

And we do it with our 9/11 Ground Zero rally — and will do it again this year on the 10th Anniversary of the horrific attacks on our nation.  We will defend our right to speak openly about the threat of Islamic supremacism  — we will defend our right and YOUR right of FREE SPEECH. 

We will stand on the front lines of the attacks, but we need your help TODAY to continue do so.

We will sit on the Front Lines of Attack On Free Speech For All Americans

We Will Continue With Our 9/11 Rally

We will Do So With Your Help TODAY!

We urgently need your assistance for this event – it is a massive undertaking.
The monster in Norway murdered many people.  His murders must not be used to murder FREE SPEECH and extinguish political freedom.

Please consider making a gift of $100, or any amount you can afford.   We don’t draw salaries – every penny will go to fight for freedom.

Please join us in the fight.  Push back against the media lies – before it’s too late.

In Liberty,

Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer

American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)

P.S.  Everyone who gives $250 or over will receive a free DVD copy of our acclaimed movie The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks!

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