AT&T removes AFDI from approved-charities payroll-deduction list for 2020

I received this email from a Geller Report reader. This is yet more of the censorship and fascism that is taking hold of American society: only one point of view is permitted; all others will be crushed. The enemies of freedom want to make sure our voice cannot be heard: they can’t refute us, so they’re desperate to silence us.

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I work for AT&T, which has let me donate $10/month to AFDI this year via payroll deduction.

When I went today to renew my charitable donations via payroll deduction for 2020, I learned that AT&T no longer lets me include AFDI (Tax ID no.: 27-2518993) as one of my charities.

In contrast, three other charities that I have supported in 2019 continue to be available for inclusion in my 2020 giving via AT&T payroll deduction.

I submitted AFDI to AT&T this afternoon via its “Suggest an Organization” form, to see whether AT&T’s removal of AFDI was accidental or intentional.

I thought that you’d want to know about this de-platforming of AFDI!

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