AUDIO: Pamela Geller Debates Laura Ingraham’s Defense of the Indefensible

free speech

Here is my debate with Laura Ingraham’s defense of the indefensible — submitting to the sharia restrictions on free speech.

She was so hostile and entrenched that she abused her role as host to ignore or attempt to drown out my arguments. She comes off rather badly, but her bullying may go over well with RINOs and conservatives who share her defeated views.

Side note — she says she opposed the Ground Zero mosque, but that was after she supported it. She was for it before she was against it.

And she never had me on the show to discuss the AFDI “Free Speech Conference” back in 2012 with Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks.

To her points I say this: The cartoon contest was needlessly provocative? No – murdering cartoonists is needlessly provocative.

It was the jihadis, not I, who made the cartoons a flash point. If we surrender on that point and stop drawing Muhammad, we’ve established a precedent of surrendering to violent Sharia enforcement, and once established, we will be made to reinforce it again and again.

Egypt and Jordan are our allies fighting ISIS, and they’ll be angry if we draw Muhammad? So we have to submit to Sharia to fight ISIS? Why don’t these “moderate” nations instead accept the freedom of speech?

It’s stupid to hold a cartoon contest and provoke the jihadis? Do you think these 2 gunmen would have lived quiet lives as peaceable and loyal Americans if we hadn’t held the contest? They would have waged jihad elsewhere, on a less protected target, and killed more people.

Roman Catholics don’t like their religion mocked or the mockery of other religions. But Roman Catholics don’t kill when their religion is mocked — and so no one talks about “provoking” them or “respecting” them. In any pluralistic society, we have to put up with being offended and even with our core beliefs being mocked. Roman Catholics have learned that. Mormons and others have learned that — look at The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Why must we condescend to Muslims and think they cannot learn that?

UPDATE: What side did her listeners come down on? – Look here.