Banned From LinkedIn For Telling The Truth

Originally published at The American Thinker:

I was banned from LinkedIn for telling the truth

By Pamela Geller

On Thursday, I got yet another notice from the LinkedIn’s “Trust & Safety Team”: “Your post goes against our policy on misinformation.  It has been removed and only you can access it.”  The post that LinkedIn found objectionable was from my website, the Geller Report, and was entitled “CORPORATE STATE: Domestic Terror Group Black Lives Matter Received Nearly $83 Billion from Corporations.”

My post consisted of an excerpt from a Breitbart article plus three lines of my own commentary.  LinkedIn didn’t dispute the accuracy of anything in my post or its source; it just doesn’t want it said.  This comes after LinkedIn had banned me from its platform for nearly three years for posting accurate and well sourced information that goes against the leftist narrative.

Who is giving these orders?  Now that we have the Twitter Files, we need the LinkedIn Files.

I was banned back in August 2020 without warning or notice.  I just went to my LinkedIn account one day and found that I had been locked out of it.  I appealed to the corporate behemoth and received an email on August 24, 2020, saying: “Your account has been restricted due to a violation to the LinkedIn’s User Agreement relating to the following false content.”  The LinkedIn drone who wrote the email offered four examples of my unacceptable content.  These were all Geller Report posts:

All of these were simply excerpts from cited news stories with my own commentary added.  My commentary didn’t add any additional information; it just commented on the information provided in the source articles, which were noted and linked.

No one has disputed the accuracy of any of these stories.

COVID, Soros, and Jew-hatred: that sums up the obsessions of the modern left, and that’s what got me banned from LinkedIn. It was only after Elon Musk bought Twitter, and I was unbanned from there, and tweeted about the LinkedIn ban, that the LinkedIn leftists were shamed into lifting the permanent ban.

But the notice I got Thursday about my Black Lives Matter post being unacceptable at LinkedIn shows that nothing has really changed. I fully expect that before too long, I’ll receive another permanent ban, and that once again it will result from my posting news articles that are perfectly accurate but that the leftist elites don’t want disseminated.

But who exactly are those elites when it comes to LinkedIn? Who is giving these orders, that what is supposed to be a portal for professionals to connect with prospective employees and for like-minded people in the same field to interact has now become (like all the others) a site on which everyone must march in the left’s totalitarian lockstep or not be allowed to participate at all? Is LinkedIn operating on orders from or in concert with officials in the federal government, after the manner of what was exposed regarding pre-Musk Twitter in the Twitter Files?

Clearly, we need a LinkedIn Files, as well as a Facebook Files, a YouTube Files, and probably even an Instagram Files. We need to know how much these woke corporations are collaborating with leftist government bureaucrats who don’t believe in the freedom of speech in order to shut down the speech of those who dare to dissent from the left’s sinister narrative. LinkedIn and all the others aren’t silencing and deplatforming people who are actually purveying “disinformation.” What the Biden regime and the left in general refer to as “disinformation” is fully accurate information that cuts against what they want the American people to believe and exposes the Big Lies they’ve been forcing upon us.

LinkedIn needs to come clean about whether or not it has been practicing censorship on orders from the people who are running this corrupt and anti-American administration. And House Republicans need to start speaking out strongly and loudly against these relentless assaults upon our constitutional freedoms.