Christian Family Wouldn’t Convert, so Muslims Raped Their Daughter

A group of Muslim men in Pakistan stormed the home of a Christian family, tied them up, beat them and demanded they convert to Islam.

And when they refused?

The Muslims took the family’s youngest daughter, abducted her, then raped her. As Christian Post reported, the girl has yet to be returned to her family.

From the Christian Post:

“The London-based charity British Pakistani Christian Association has come to the aid of the Masih family, a family of 10 Christians caught in the grips of bonded labor (modern day slavery) near the city of Kasur in Eastern Pakistan.

“According to BPCA, the family lived in a small home made of mud and had been constantly pressured by local Muslims to convert to Islam, as they were the only family in the neighborhood who hadn’t embraced Islam.”

They didn’t. So the Muslims in the community took matters into their own hands.

Christian Post continues:

“On the night of Sept. 15, a group of six Muslim men and a Muslim woman stormed the family’s home with guns, sticks and metal rods and severely beat members of the Christian family.

“The group of intruders hoped that the family’s pain and suffering would cause them to reconsider their prior refusals to convert to Islam. Despite the pain, the family again refused to deny Christ and convert to Islam.

“After the family refused to convert, the Muslims grew enraged and tied up and blindfolded all but two of the family members.

“As the family consists of six daughters and two sons, the Muslims dragged the family’s 17-year-old daughter, Jameela, and 20-year-old son, Arif, and threw them into the back of a van parked outside of the home.

“Arif, who was eventually able to escape out an open door while no one was looking, told BPCA that he and Jameela were taken to an unknown building in an unknown location that he later figured out was a mansion of some sort.

“Arif explained that when they arrived at the mansion, they were both tortured separately. Despite the torture, Arif again refused to convert to Islam. While he could hear the screams of his sister, one of the captors told Arif that other Muslim men were taking turns raping his sister and that all he had to do to save his her was embrace Islam. However, he again refused to renounce Christ.”

Well, he refused yet again, and was able to escape the next morning. He made it home and told the story of terror to his family.

Sadly, the girl’s not been found or rescued, yet. And meanwhile, the family’s still living in fear from Muslims intent on forcing them to convert.

Christian Post, once again:

“The family is now living in a safehouse sponsored by BPCA in Pakistan. That is the same safehouse that another Christian family trapped in bonded labor stayed at while BPCA worked to secure their emancipation.

“‘This family is deeply traumatized but safe now. We will now begin the arduous task of helping them rebuild their lives in an atmosphere of safety,’ BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said in a statement. ‘However, the captured daughter Jameela may well never be found and her malicious kidnapping is causing great anguish and despair. [For] Muslim despots [to be able to] kidnap Christian girls with such impunity is a blight on Pakistan’s international reputation.'”

Where’s the White House cry of indignation for these Christians? Or, President Obama’s press to bring these Christians to America under refugee status? As previously reported here, the number of Muslims brought into America under Obama for refugee protection is 12,486. By comparison, only 68 Christians have been given refugee status to enter America under Obama’s presidency.

Meanwhile, the persecution of Christians by Muslims intent on converting them to Islam continues in spots overseas.

As Christian Post notes:

“According to a 2014 report by the NGO Movement of Solidarity and Peace, as many as 700 Christian girls in Pakistan are kidnapped and forced into Islamic marriages every year. Many times, the police fail to take action and claim that the child left home and entered into Islamic marriage of her own will.”