Empty Chairs / Broken Hearts Shabbat NYC

4 pm. Oct 26, 2023. Duffy Square at 46th st and Bdway.
In the middle of Times Square I found 224
Empty Tables/Empty Chairs” set for shabbat.


“On October 7th,2023, an unprecedented and horrifying attack against Israel
was launched over Shabbat and the holiday of Shemini Atzeret. ”



In times of crisis, we MUST stand together. While our hearts break for the wounded, kidnapped, and murdered and their families,
we are proud that our community rallies to show our support.” [https://iac360.org/support-israel-fund/]


First slide show : The 224 places representing those held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, 30 of them are children. HOSTAGES of HAMAS. This is a CRIME against Humanity. Israel. And the Jews.

Flickr Slideshow 1:

DSC_3485 copy3

Pictures that can only hint of the terror Hamas delivered on October 7 as the wantonly murdered the children. [https://www.instagram.com/p/Cy8b31nrkSt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link]

Flickr 2- Later, families of some of the hostages were going to speak.  Meanwhile I took pictures of those present. It seemed to be many friends and families

DSC_3482 copy

Video 1- Walking around the empty chairs. The children’s tables. High chairs. baby bottles. The beautiful flowers and challah. It was a deeply moving experience particularly the children’s table where chairs were knocked over and little toy-bears were blind folded and torn apart.

Video 2-  IAC Board Member,  Tal Shuster  was the first speaker.

Tal was born and raised in Israel, serving three years as an Officer in the Israeli Army, Tal arrived in the United States to complete her studies and graduate from Rutgers. Tal and her husband Eyal Shuster, have four children and live in Jersey City.

She was followed briefly by a woman who held a list of the countries supporting “palestine”; the hatred and racism. [She was being interviewed on camera so she wasn’t on mic.]

Later a list of countries that the hostages are from was posted [https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/more-than-half-hamas-hostages-have-foreign-nationality-israel-2023-10-25/]

Video 3- While IAC Council member, Aviv Ezra, Consul General of Israel to the Midwest, was being interviewed to my left, a woman to my right began a very loud, emotional statement. Everything stopped. She wanted everyone, the world, the city to hear her. She was so overwrought, that eventually she was given a supportive embrace to calm her down.

In the back ground of the video…. “Dear NY Times Words DO Break Bones …. ”

Update with links and 2 short videos addressing the continued support for Pali/Hamas.

[https://www.nydailynews.com/2023/10/27/grand-central-terminal-shut-down-due-to-pro-palestinian-protests/] Outrageous

Short video supporting Pali/Hamas


This young woman, confronts the lies that support Hamas. The lost generations who know only the anti-Israel/ anti-Jewish agitprop should listen to her. (but…they won’t) “If you truly want PEACE, you Stand With Israel”

And Starbucks … What were you thinking?

Supporting HAMAS?
Starbucks is on the WRONG side of the protest Game.

This was so unnecessary.

{Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]