FDI Alert: Jewish Genocide Week aka Israeli Apartheid Week 2010 – Delegitimize the Delegitimizers



It is upon us, yet again. The Muslims, the marxists and the enemies of the good take to the streets, the campuses, and the net, and spew their anti-Jewish poison. Every year it gets worse and worse. Spawned in 2005, the hate of IAW was so awful and repulsive that I think most folks thought it would fade away. On the contrary, evil advances when good, decent folks do nothing.

Israel, the beachhead of the good and the humane, is under siege by this century's nazis. The hatred of the good for being the good is made all too clear in the rise of islamic anti-semitism, made possible by the jihadis' slaves on the left. The queers [as in "Queers for Palestine"], the feminazis, the most reviled in Islam take up their arms for this brutal ideology and use their power to advance the cause of their executioners. Such evil stupidity defies any logic, but it is not my desire to understand these dangerous asshats; it is my desire to defeat them.

Stand up, get up, stand up for life.

The Sixth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week 2010

Check out the website. Look for your town or city. And go. Shout these infiltrators and traitors down. They bash Israel, but they hate America, too. All the cities are listed down the side of this Nazi website. Click on your city, find out where these savages will be, and go.

Chair a Freedom Defense Initiative chapter in your area. Spencer and I will help you. We will come to your town. Put together a counter protest. Get involved. The world you save will be your children's.


CONNECTICUT ALERT: Craig in Connecticut is looking for fellow Connecticutians! Please connect in the comment section asap. Stamford area.