Global Freedom Initiative


This is hate. This is kaffirophobia. This is the enemy we welcome into our countries, that subverts, destroys and intends to eliminate Western civilization from within.

Our groups American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)TM, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)TM, European Freedom Defense Initiative, European Freedom Initiative, Israel Freedom Initiative, SIOE, SIOA, SIAD, SIO Poland, SIO Romania, SIO Bulgaria, SIO France, SIO Sweden, SIO Norway, et al, are organized and led by Anders Gravers in Europe and Pamela Geller,  Robert Spencer, James Lafferty, Anders Gravers, and Pamela Hall in the States. We are creating "a coalition of the free" to defend "the coalition of the willing," as the war in the information battle space moves into its next phase.The Global Freedom Initiative TM

We will be holding a huge conference in DC early next year, and will follow up with our teams in Europe, Asia, Latin America, China, and the Middle East in the Spring. Please contact me if you wish to represent your country in our coaltion. Join Robert and me, email me The fight is global.

We will take it to the streets. We will take it to the media. We will take it to the movies. We will take it to the halls of justice. We will take it to the Congress. We will take it to the White House.

The treason and the overthrow of our western civilization must stop. It will be stopped.  You are either with us or against us. Take a stand.