Humanity For Peace – Aug 6, 2023 – NYC (Part 1)

The New World Order/ The New Normal.
Are we there yet?
Part 1 of 2

Aug 6, 2023. The Humanity for Peace Memorial in Dag Hammarsköld
Plaza across from the U. N.,”Was this really a memorial, or politics as usual.

This year the speeches from survivors
 of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, were missing.

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Past memorials to Aug 6, 1945 I attended
“No More Hiroshimas/No More Nagasakis”
You knew why you were there.

.On Aug. 6, 2023, I arrived about 15 min late and saw this monk as he left.
He always rings a prayer bell and says a prayer. (picture from 2022)

But, as the event continued, the list of speakers (and signs) seemed to be more
politically focused. Opposed to nuclear war, yes, but promoting La Rouche/Schiller
and Socialism in tandem with Communism and hard-left politics was the
prevailing theme. (which seems schizo when linking to their odd history)

.There was another opening prayer from the Rev. Dr. Terri L. Strong.
She also warned of the potential for Nuclear War on this the
78th Anniversary of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. (video)

And then, on to politics. Lots of politics

Gerald Celente is the speaker in this next clip (born 1946) publisher of the Trends Journal,
business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets
and other important events. (video) He was an engaging speaker- so New Yawk.

Gerald describes himself as a “political atheist” and “citizen of the world.”
He has dedicated his life to finding meaningful change for peace and is
also the founder and driving force behind

Created in 2015  ….

“…. designed to stir grassroots initiatives across the country to demand
peace by holding elected officials accountable for senselessly prompting war to build
other nations and regime change while, at every turn, stripping We The People of our
rights at home – invading our privacy, limiting our right to free speech, and
subjecting us to military tactics imposed by our local police department.”

International Peace Coalition & World Wide Peace        

The La Roche- Schiller Institute presented solutions for Peace Though Development
and ending nuclear conflicts with the World Land Bridge- The New Silk Road.
[let CHINA lead the way]

Or, perhaps the answer to World Peace was creating a New Paradigm?

“The timing could not have been more propitious for the Schiller Institute
conference of June 30-July 1, 2018,  just as momentum is building for the
consolidation of a New Paradigm,
driven by the diplomatic and
economic policy direction defined by China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative
[ …] the new strategic geometry centered on a U.S.-Russia-China alliance,
which is emerging in spite of massive resistance from those British and U.S. networks
acting to preserve the dangerous old world defined by geopolitics.”
Nuclear POWER not Nuclear War 

Beam Defense, an alternative.”
The Iron Beam is intended to work in tandem
Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system —also made by Rafael — as “another layer
in our air defense strategy and deployment, Operators will be able to choose whether to
neutralize threats using traditional kinetic missiles or the Iron Beam’s laser.”
Caught one anti-Israel t-shirt….
Flickr slide show: Part 1 of 2  –
leads off with
What is the basis of moral and social obligation?”
Plato’s well-known answer rests upon the fundamental responsibility
to seek wisdom,wisdom which leads to an understanding
of the Form of the Good.
Plato views in this manner,  justice is obtained when knowledge of how
to fulfill one’s moral and political function in society is put into practice.”
Begin slide show:

IMG_5252 copy - Scott Ritter Speaking

HUMANITY FOR PEACE Mission Statement :
From the La Roche Schiller Institute (@4peacehumanity)

“The danger of nuclear war has escalated to a point that no thoughtful
person on the planet can ignore it any longer. …It is clear that those who provoked
the war, and continue to escalate it, do not care about the lives of the people of Ukraine
or any other nation on the planet. This is NOT acceptable to those who care about
the well-being of ALL humanity —
[End Global NATO)

.. show our respect for those who lost their lives in the unnecessary
and genocidal nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the
United States … We remind humanity that nuclear war …
the final and biggest crime against humanity … must (not) become
the dominant voice in the world ….Peace …  an urgent necessity
for humanity’s survival and progress.”

The Schiller Institute is a German-based political and economic think tank
founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, (the widow of American political activist
Lyndon LaRouche)
The institute’s stated aim is to apply the ideas
of the poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller to what it calls the
“contemporary world crisis

Their global positions:
In 2015, Zepp-LaRouche  described climate change as a “Satanic swindle”.
In her opinion, it “supplies the argumentation to establish a global eco-dictatorship
whose results,and whose declared intention is to eliminate six billion human beings”.

In July 2016,
Zepp-LaRouche spoke at the first panel on the Think 20 Summit,
which was organised by three Chinese academies and institutes…”

The producer/director of the film, 8:15 Hiroshima, From Father to Daughter” –
J.R. Heffelfinger. spoke “…. giving voice to the voiceless and making
the invisible, visible
. ” He promoted his film and shared that on Jan 24, 2023
“the Doomsday Clock was moved to 90 seconds before midnight. The closest it’s been since
its creation in 1947.
And quoted author John Hersey” What has kept the world safe from the
bomb since 1945 has not been deterrence, in a sense of fear of specific weapons
so much as it’s been memory; the memory of what happened at Hiroshima.”

Ending Part 1 so many opinions, statements, goals.

The LaRouche movement has attracted devoted followers and developed some
specific and elaborate policy initiatives, but has also been referred to variously
as Marxist, fascist, anti-Semitic, a political cult, a personality cult,
and a criminal enterprise.

The LaRouche movement has often been considered a far-right
political movement. .[..] The Heritage Foundation called it “one of the
strangest political groups in American history” and The Washington Monthly
called it a “vast and bizarre vanity press”.

The LaRouche movement is seen by some as a fringe political cult.[

Part 2 next:
Will they create that New Paradigm.
(And more about the Humanity for Peace sponsors)

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