Nonie Darwish: Obama’s Legacy

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explains what the President's true legacy is and will be:


Only the future can tell the true legacy of any president, but since 2016 will be Obama’s last year in office, many are now speculating. Below are some points from the perspective of an American who was born and raised as a Muslim in the Middle East:

  • Under the Obama presidency, Muslims, and in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood, were able to accomplish their dream of reestablishing the caliphate. Only a person familiar with Arab culture can see how much Obama’s behavior is in tune with Arab aspirations. Like Arab propaganda, Obama believes that America’s foreign policy was standing in the way of accomplishing Islamic unity under one State, even if he doesn't endorse the budding caliphate himself.
  • Most Americans believe that Obama’s withdrawal from the Middle East was done for the purpose of avoiding war, but his withdrawal was also to get out of the way of Muslims who wanted to create their Islamic state. Egypt was the first attempt for the Islamic state, but when the Brotherhood failed in 2013, Syria quickly became the second choice.
  • Obama is the first American president who cares most about his legacy not so much in the eyes of American citizens, but more importantly in the eyes of the Arab and Muslim World.
  • Obama is the first US president who refuses to name the current enemy of the USA. That enemy is Islamic jihad and comes in the form of many Islamist groups, individuals and states that support them. Islamic jihad is winning, on the march and threatening the US daily with terror, insults, curses and calls from Muslim religious and political leaders for our annihilation. This has magnified under Obama.
  • Under the Obama presidency, the best interests of Israel were compromised.
  • Obama is the first US president who is not ashamed to appear to be putting the best interests of foreign nationals before the safety and security of his own citizens.
  • As the first African American president, Obama says he cares about improving lives of African Americans, but in reality, he has alienated them and failed to provide them with jobs and tools for true success. Promoting anger is not success.
  • Obama joined traditional black leaders in planting rage and blame in the mind of African American youth to keep the pressure on white guilt. To keep that constant pressure, Obama has no problem subjecting inner city blacks to the self-destructive and devastating effects of rioting and lawlessness.
  • The Obama administration is using inner city blacks as tools to further its agenda against law enforcement.
  • Obama uses African Americans and the race card as a cause to punish America, the same way Arab leaders use Palestinians as a cause to punish Israel.
  • Obama acts eager to populate America with a large number of Muslim immigrants and has no problem with shaming Americans into taking Syrian refugees, who are most likely infiltrated by ISIS.
  • Obama was on the side of Muslims who wanted to build the Ground Zero Mosque, and shamed Americans and families of 9/11 victims who were against it for not accepting the humiliation.
  • Obama constantly underestimates the threat of radical Islam in the same way that "moderate" Muslims tell us to underestimate it. It is a common phrase in the Arab street that ISIS is just nothing to worry about, and Obama tells America the same fantasy about the global jihad.
  • Obama encourages Americans into tolerating Islamic intolerance, jihad and terror, as though that is the only proof that Americans respect Muslims.
  • Obama is the first American president who said he was Christian but his actions and words are anything but.

The above partial list of Obama’s legacy did not include positive accomplishments, but we must all rest assured that the mainstream media is already preparing a long list of accomplishments that I must have overlooked.

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish is the author “The Devil We Don’t Know” and president of “Former Muslims United,” a program of the American Freedom Defense Initiative.