Pamela Geller, Weekly WND Column, Defending the West “Muslim-Americans stand up for honor killing”

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Muslim-Americans stand up for honor killing
Exclusive: Pamela Geller counters charge that Dearborn conference disallowed Muslims

Our AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights conference on April 29 in Dearborn, Mich., was the first conference of its kind, dedicated to increasing awareness of honor killings and gendercide under the Shariah. But in the aftermath of the highly successful conference, Arab-American and Muslim groups continue to attack us instead of focusing on the real problem: the victimization of girls in the Muslim community.

There are videos going around by Islamic supremacists such as the pro-honor killing “journalist” Omar Baddar, new media coordinator at the Arab American Institute (AAI), claiming that they were refused entry to the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference because they were Arabs and Muslims. This is a fabrication out of whole cloth. In reality, every attendee had to register, and we were overbooked. The furor over these people who were supposedly denied entry, who actually had not registered at all, is a manufactured nontroversy designed to deflect attention away from the grim reality of Islamic honor killing.

Once again, the subject matter of our conference – the subjugation, oppression and slaughter of women – was discarded and ignored, much like the plight of these women themselves. And a distraction was deliberately created to avoid the bloody truth.

Baddar and I had a ridiculous email exchange (which he selectively edited for his video). Baddar’s video claims to “document” the trumped-up anger and the well-worn myth of Muslim victimhood, but in reality, Baddar and his cohort were agents provocateurs.

Here is what I wrote to Omar, encapsulating what this faux outrage is really about. Of course, he left this email out of his video:


Ah, I see, Muslim women not getting into a sold out conference (which they did not register for) is far more newsworthy and significant than Muslim girls being slaughtered for wanting to live a free life of their own choosing.

Got it. lml

Yours in liberty,

The point of registering guests was to avoid the chaos and attempted shutdown of our event at Temple University. At Temple, the left and Islamic supremacists took most of the seats in the audience and turned the event into the silly zoo that pro-freedom activists have unfortunately come to expect from events at universities all over the country: loud, raucous know-nothing tools spewing illogical insults into the ether with the sole purpose of stopping the truth from being heard. Their furious and frenzied opposition to our message was ironic in light of the fact that we were there to stand for the freedom of the individual: the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equal rights for women and non-Muslims in Muslim societies as well as in Muslim communities in the West.

We weren’t going to let that happen in Dearborn. And thanks to top-flight security personnel we hired just for this purpose, it didn’t. We cannot allow pro-human rights events to be disrupted: The lives of too many girls depends upon it. Any Muslim girl who needs help to escape gender terrorism can contact us. We will get them safe harbor. Shame on the women who accompanied Omar Baddar on his little smear mission: Shame on them for providing cover for the most brutal, anti-woman and oppressive ideology on the face of the earth.

If you have tears for anyone, weep for the victims, not the enablers.

And shame on Omar Baddar for harassing and trying to intimidate the regular folks who were helping out with admission into the conference. G-d bless our stout-hearted volunteers for taking the heat.

The whole episode, meanwhile, shows that there is something fundamentally broken in our culture. Imagine a society that extols the supremacist tyranny of the Shariah while smearing and defaming human-rights activists who are fighting for freedom and individual rights over gendercide and gender apartheid.

USA Today’s coverage of the Islamic supremacist hate group denouncing our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference was typical. Did anyone from USA Today even attend our conference or listen to the live stream? The Detroit Free Press “reporter” whose story USA Today picked up, Niraj Warikoo, is your typical useful idiot running the press release of a tyrannical enemy that is seeking to destroy our freedoms and our civilization from within.

Warikoo interviewed me; I told him: “Our goal is to raise awareness about the phenomenon of Islamic honor killing in order to help bring a stop to it. These girls have rights, too, they’re human beings, and yet they’re completely forgotten in our politically correct culture. We’re standing for the human rights of girls like Jessica Mokdad.”

About the counter-demonstration, I said to Warikoo: “These groups should be standing with us in defense of the basic unalienable rights of young Muslim girls and Muslim women in the West. Instead, they are lining up in support of honor killing, gendercide, and the subjugation and oppression of women.”

Warikoo used nothing of what I told him. Not a single word. Instead, he gave a platform to those who opposed our conference.

Everyone who opposed our conference supports the killing of women under the Sharia. Honor killings should get the kind of attentive press that these jihadists get. But for that, the press would first have to stop acting like the lapdog for Islamic supremacists that it has become.

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