The Deep Disconnect in the Cosmic Rift Between Islam and the West

Dateline, France – 2017: Go figure this mental disease called “Islam”! The religion of war (said to be of peace) is more than a religion – it is a culture and a way of life that accepts no second place to anyone or anything! That is the message of the lucid thinking coming from Salem Ben Ammar, a French patriot, and a Western Culture loyalist who comprehends what is at stake in the cosmic battle between Islam and the West. If only there were more bloggers like him! In his miniature exposé on Islam, translated below, one can detect a pattern of Western scientific thinking and the logic of heartfelt confession at work in the mind of Mr. Ammar – and by that fact alone we can understand the mental disconnect between the West and Islam … given that those proper practitioners of Islam could never mentally function by such means. They apply magic to their contemplation and follow no rules of logic that anyone in the West can relate to.

As for the foreign and hostile World of Islam – yes – undoubtedly there are some amenable and cooperative Muslim humans out there whose religion is either a formality or anyhow not involved in the way they deal with non-Muslims. Examples of Muslims like that exist in Syria, and Lebanon, for instance. However, just as there were some really good people who were inducted into the NSDAP (Nazi party) there are Muslims who are good people, too. But this mitigating factor is a mere footnote to the problem of a hostile body of ideas and the attendant ingrained tradition of an extreme patriarchal lifestyle armed with a Manichaean world-outlook that an enormous mass of people, many of whom are primitives and brutes, subscribes to and is predisposed to die for in an apocalyptic battle against us. Remember, only Muslims can blackmail people using religion as ransom!

Therefore, let us keep our counsel and have no doubt about what we are facing here for the long haul…



A Muslim is only one who is faithful to his commitment and kills and is killed in the path of Allah (Al-Thawba, Repentance, V.111).

The Muslim is not the one who is huddled at home to do nothing for the glory of Allah (S.Ennissa, V.95) in the image of these Muslims – he is being a moderate pseudo-Muslim, – unless he is the one who traded his life on earth in exchange for his life in the afterlife (S.4, V.74).

Islam is clear with itself: only those who sacrifice their goods and their people for the triumph of Allah’s cause have grace in the eyes of this Muslim God. Muslims do not have to discuss or question their God’s slogans, the total war on the disbelievers is enjoined to them and they can not escape it, except if they are infirm or very old people: “The fight was prescribed to you ao that it be ‘pleasing to you’ (S. Al Baqara, Cow, V.216) for whoever is not pleased can only be in the disbelieving way” – stipulates in substance the said sura [verse] of the Quran.

The true Muslim must be prepared to employ his weapons forcefully against the opposite side, judged as the enemy of Allah and his abode (S.Al-Infal, the booty, V.60). The fight is a duty that weighs on all Muslims. Regarded by the Quran as the war between good and evil. There is the salvation and durability of Islam and Muslims who must take care to protect the physical integrity of their wives, the weak, children and the elderly (S.Annissa, Women, V.4).

Believers are those who fight in the way of Allah and those who do not believe fight in the path of ” Taghut “(S.Annissa, V.76). It is enough not to submit to his dogmas to be a proven criminal, an assassin, a robber, a thief, a rapist, a conspirator, a devil’s henchman, a pervert, a depraved, a lover, a renegade, a schemer , a pedophile, a corrupt, colonizer, a monster of inhumanity that abominable qualifiers that are in reality only a Muslim’s own tarnishes and vileness projected on others.

The Quran’s prescriptions are sufficiently eloquent as to its warlike, hyper aggressive and deadly nature, its dogmatic warmongering, its hateful prejudices and its delusions of persecution.

All that is non-Muslim is inevitably a source of mortal danger for Islam and must be fought until the final victory.

To hear it from our liberals and various deceivers, Islam can not be conquered since the “moderate” Muslims fantasize about the humanistic virtues of Islam and never cease to praise Allah and Islam as if it were an ode to peace and a hymn to love … “which is being taken the wrong way by the jihadists”.

For them, it is our phobia of their religion that prevents us from seeing clearly the good in Islam. Thus, it is our blindness but it is none other than our lucidity which is the cause of our misunderstanding of Islam.

Islam is eternally misunderstood except by the Muslims alone. The one-eyed man is still king in the land of blind Muslims.

As Muslims are known to hide the face, they are the only ones to be convinced of the innocence of Islam ..

He has never incited terrorist violence and hatred of others, stoning and relegating women, proselytizing swords, jihad, or dividing humanity into pure and impure, neither to call for the murder of the unfaithful and the atheist, nor to criminalize the blasphemy, nor to make an extortion racket out of tax obligations of ” the people said of the Book ” (Jews, Christians and other non-Muslim subjects), granting them a status of the infamy of dhimmitude, pure racism, as he falsely boasts to respect the other two monotheistic religions.

But his loudmouths persist and sign in their psychotic denial to see the truth in the face, fiercely denying all the defects inherent in their religion, which deserves to be deprived of the status of religious worship. So, she carries with her all the nauseous ferments of Nazism and Bolshevism, even letting these last two appear to be more human.

Hitler made non-Aryans and Jews pay the heavy tribute of the death camps, Islam gives all those who are not in his mold the choice between jizya, conversion, exile or death.

Despite all this, Muslims of all stripes continue to guess that their community, the Ummah, is the most beautiful ever sent to earth. Covering her with all the superlatives to make the fiancée we want to marry to the rest of the world the most beautiful and the most seductive.

It is no secret, however, that Islam is ethnocentric, racist and anti-Semitic, liberticidal, imperialist, self-righteous, cosmic, denying human rights, intolerant of anything that does not have its character.

The only right to difference that he knows is a conditional difference, which consists in imposing on non-Muslims living in his regime a social, human apartheid; professional, economic, clothing and habitat. In effect – total ostracism.

There is no trace in the Quran of the words “peace between men and all men without distinction and without precept”. No trace of the words love, tolerance, freedom, fulfillment, and friendship in this same book that would be written 30 years after the death of its author, of which there would have been 29 copies as uncertain as the others.

Some of his passages are reminiscent of Mein Kampf regarding the abomination of the Jew and the Christian who make the extermination of unbelievers an obligation for all Muslims.

Muslims have a mystifying and fabulous reading of the Quran, the same words do not have the same meaning for them as for non-Muslims. Crucify, decapitate, stone, slaughter, apostates, which are synonymous with cruelty and inhumanity for the common, are perceived as just words and consistent with the spirit of their religion of peace;

While Islam literally means submission, allegiance, subjugation and subjugation.

A Muslim is in essence faithful to his religion and never faithful to a civic commitment.

Muslims see nothing where non-Muslims see a bitter and perilous truth for the wellbeing of humanity. Arguing for the misinterpretation of the verses of the Quran, opposing their opponents by their alleged theological weaknesses. As if words war, relegate, stoning, cursing, killing needed to be understood from a magic sesame in matters of theology.

As long as it is written in full in the Quran and has not been reported contrary to the hadiths and suras that are questionable as dubious as the humanism of the prophet, one can not wring the neck to the truth.

They are the only ones who bring Islam under its beautiful pageantry: tolerant, peacemaker, egalitarian, respectful of the rights of man and of the citizen, a haven of peace for women and infancy, and ethnic minorities. sexually modern. A model of freedom of conscience and expression!?

As long as nothing explains it and specifies it and therefore is not written, it is their right to hallucinate and fantasize about Islam!!

They will always remain the only ones to believe it despite the semantic evidence. Why do they refuse to believe that we as the unbelievers deserving to burn at the stakes can not be fooled by their mystifying angelism?

I was even told once that you can not believe in the virtues of Islam if you’re not a believer. Clearly, you have to believe to be fooled!

It is the fault of our unbelief if Islam reveals a face that its followers do not want to see because their reading pattern is different from ours!