The FDI CPAC Conference: Now on DVD!

 “The single most important event of this three-day conference.” — Mark J. Koenig at David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog


The Freedom Defense Initiative conference “Jihad: The Political Third Rail — What They Aren’t Telling You,” held at the site of the Conservative Political Action Conference 2010, was the only event at this most pivotal of conservative gatherings to discuss the single greatest threat our nation faces today: that of the global jihad.

The crowd was standing room only; many had to be turned away at the door. But now this ground-breaking event is available in its entirety on DVD! This professionally shot DVD includes all the dynamic and eye-opening talks in crisp video and clear audio.

This DVD is an extraordinary teaching tool: you can use it to awaken your civic or church group, or even your family and friends, to the reality of jihadist activity — both violent and stealthy — in the U.S. and around the world, and to how seriously our freedoms are imperiled.

Learn from the courageous ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan about the everyday miseries to which Muslim women are subjected as a matter of course; from ex-Pentagon official Steve Coughlin about the appalling extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. government, and how it hamstrings our ability to head off terror attacks; from Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Austria and Anders Gravers of Denmark about Europe’s rapid abandonment of the freedom of speech in the face of Islamic infiltration; and from Simon Deng about the final outcome of the jihad: the complete subjugation and even outright enslavement of non-Muslims. Then Allen West delivers a speech for the ages — an informed, passionate indictment of the politically correct fog that blankets us today, and a ringing call to defend our freedoms before it’s too late.

All of it is hosted by the directors of FDI and SIOA: Pamela Geller, one of the most dynamic, charming, and well-informed speakers on the scene today, and the scholar of Islam and jihad Robert Spencer.

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