Virginia Educator Vilified for Daring to Share Meme Critical of Muslims

Muslim groups are furious at a Virginia school board chairman for sharing a meme on her private Facebook page that raises critical questions about those of the Islam faith.

The cartoonish meme states: “Muslims hate pork, beer, dogs, bikinis, Jesus and freedom of speech. My question is, what the hell they come to America for?!”

Chesapeake School Board Chair Christie New Craig shared the post weeks ago – but is now facing fire from groups like the Muslim Community of Tidewater and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The Virginian-Pilot has the story:

“Craig, who was elected in 2010 and has been chairwoman since January 2014, acknowledged she shared the post last month but said she did not mean to offend anyone. She said she is willing to talk with anyone troubled by the situation.

“When asked about it recently, M’hammed Abdous, president of the Muslim Community of Tidewater, said he learned from a Chesapeake resident that Craig shared the cartoon.

“‘I found it saddening and disappointing that kind of language came from someone involved in educating children,'” Abdous said.

“Craig, who is a legislative assistant to state Sen. John Cosgrove, shared the cartoon on her personal Facebook page. It is not connected to Chesapeake Public Schools, and she said she shares many posts on that page.

“She also said she did not comment on the post or endorse it in any way.

“‘I did not post that maliciously,’ she said last week.

“She also said she does not hate any racial groups or religions.

“‘I’m not racist. I wasn’t raised that way,’ she said.”

CAIR has demanded an investigation, of course.

From the Virginian-Pilot:

“The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations sent out news releases in recent days reprimanding Craig and demanding an investigation from Chesapeake school officials.”

But doesn’t all this furor from the Muslim camps just drive home one of the points made in the meme – that “Muslims hate … freedom of speech[?]”

As Craig told WAVY-TV: she didn’t even speak the words – only pressed “share” on her Facebookk page.

“‘I merely shared it,’ the blog, Conservative Tribune reported, citing local television. ‘I did not make a comment and I’m just shocked with everything going on in our country – police officers are losing their lives, people are homeless and people don’t have jobs – that a political cartoon would cause this much stir.'”