A Statement from Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of the Freedom Defense Initiative

It has come to our attention today that Martin Mawyer,
who had been scheduled to appear with us at the premiere of Mawyer's film Islam Rising
in Los Angeles on May 1, has had attributed to him a series of
offensive anti-gay statements made in 1997. While we don't expect to agree on all
issues with those with whom we collaborate on anti-jihad efforts, we do
not wish to give the impression that we endorse, agree with, or approve
of in any way the statements attributed to Mr. Mawyer. Nor do we wish to
give the impression that Geert Wilders or the Freedom Defense
Initiative approves of such statements.

The Freedom Defense Initiative, like Geert Wilders, stands for the
human rights of people of all creeds, colors, and sexual orientations
against the global jihad, which works daily to impose the discriminatory
and brutal strictures of Sharia upon free people. Sharia denies basic
rights to women, non-Muslims, and gays, and exalts its brutal and
inhumane system as divine law. In standing for human rights in this way,
we consider it of utmost importance that our message not be clouded by
other agendas, as we labor to build a broad coalition of free people who
hold a wide variety of perspectives on other issues, united against the
slavery of Islamic law.

In order, then, to avoid creating any false impressions about our
agenda and goals, or those of Geert Wilders, we have decided to cancel
the event in Los Angeles on May 1.