Angry Migrants Learning of Deportation Riot, Torch Camp, Destroy Tourist Hotspot

Here’s a lesson learned: Don’t make the Muslim migrants angry.

Take a look at this story, happening now in Lesbos: Migrants being sheltered on the Greek island of Lesbos became so angry when they learned they were about to be deported, they actually set fire to their camp in Moria.

Nine were arrested on suspicion of starting the fire. But you know what? The damage is done. And now get this: The local governing authorities are now giving them temporary quarters on a ship – more than 4,000 of them.

The Daily Mail reported the riotous scene:

“A huge ship will be used to accommodate thousands of migrants on Lesbos after the detention centre where they were being held was destroyed in a riot sparked by rumours they were about to be deported.

“More than 4,400 people living at the site fled as flames ripped through the camp during an outbreak of violence.

“Teams of riot police were dispatched to the Greek island to restore order with nine migrants arrested.

“A passenger ferry will be chartered as a floating detention centre, providing temporary accommodation while the camp is restored.”

The deportation order leading to the riot came after locals complained about badly behaving migrants – so when authorities tried to initiate deportations, the already badly behaving migrants turned violent.

The Daily Mail continues:

“Officials on the popular holiday island … demanded the immediate evacuation of all migrants who they claimed had brought recurrent problems.

“Christiana Kalogirou, governor of the region that includes Lesbos, said she had repeatedly warned the Greek government that camps on the Aegean islands were dangerously overcrowded.

“‘Residents are complaining refugees have converted the beach and the palm tree forest into a wasteland,’ added Evangelos Violatzsis, the president of the nearby village of Panagiouda, told MailOnline.

“He added: ‘They are also concerned about possible damage to buildings and petty thefts. We demand the immediate decongestion of Moria and Kara Tepe [nearby village].’ …

“Evangelos Violatzsis, president of the nearby village of Panagiouda, said: ‘Residents are complaining refugees have converted the beach and the palm tree forest into a wasteland.’ …

“The Moria camp [was] overcrowded with 4,400 people living there when there is only meant to be room for around 800.

“The number of migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey has doubled to 1,000 in the past week as Turkey’s controversial … EU deal to take migrants back from Greece threatened to collapse.”

The fire ravaged 50 encampments, including tents, personal belongings, clothing and trees. Ten fire trucks were called to the scene, and the blaze was so large it required nearly three dozen firefighters. But emergency response officials couldn’t get to work immediately.

“They stood by helplessly for half an hour as dozens of migrants brawled between them and the inferno,” the Daily Mail reported. “By the time the fire was put out … four hours after it began, at least 60 percent of the camp was incinerated.”

Others witnessing the chaos weighed in, telling the Daily Mail the scene was ugly, to say the least.

“Nikos Trakellis, president of Moria, said: ‘Everything is in chaos. … The sewage has ended up in the river once again.’ …

“Human rights groups have repeatedly criticised the condition of Greek migrant camps, pointing to overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions.

“Sixty five young immigrants and refugees have arrived on the northern Aegean islands in the last 24 hours, with 38 landing on the shores of Lesbos.

“More than 13,000 in total are believed to be living on five islands in facilities built to house fewer than 8,000.

“More than 300,000 have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far, which is well down on 520,000 who came in the first nine months of last year.”

America: Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. This is what President Obama with his open borders and never-met-a-migrant-he-didn’t-like mentality would bring to the United States.