Denmark Muslims Attack Americans – For Being American

A gang of eight-to-ten masked Muslim teenagers and young adults unleashed a violent street attack against a handful of Americans for the seeming offense of being American – and both victims and victims’ family members are still waiting for police to step in and investigate.

The site 10News.DK has the story, as translated from Berlingske, as recounted by the mother of one of the victims, who witnessed the incident as it unfolded:

““On October 1st 2016 at 03am, our 30-year-old son and his four friends (three US citizens and a Danish friend) was assaulted by 8-10 masked ethnic youths (Danish media slang for Muslims) a few meters from our son’s home.

“The attackers ask if the friends are Americans, and when it is confirmed, they are knocked down, beaten and kicked, threatened with death and with a knife. It all takes place right under our windows, and we are awakened by one of the young people screaming in panic: ‘stop, stop, stop’.

“From the window I witnessed our son’s friends being chased and I scream ‘stop, stop’ out the window. Our son stands on the corner and putting a hand to his eye, shouting to us that we should call the police. … We run down to the street and find the five victims hurt and in shock. Our son was kicked in the eye. The violent psychopaths are gone.”

So the woman then reportedly calls police and speaks with someone at the station for nearly 10 minutes.

And police launch and immediate investigation, locate the easy-to-find band of Muslim brothers, and arrest them – right? Not so fast.

Here’s the rest of the story, from the same news outlet:

“I’m calling the police at 2:52 and speak with a person for nine minutes. We are all in shock and can only see that our son’s eye is badly beaten. … The alarm central says that ‘the danger is over’, that I should take it easy, and that no police will come, as they are busy elsewhere in town … Saturday I call the police again and ask whether it is true, that the police will not be sent to a violent assault. The answer is ‘yes’, and that it is according to their guidelines.”

So a day later, and the police haven’t yet responded?

Denmark used to be considered one of the most beautiful spots for tourists to visit. But it’s been overrun with mostly Muslim migrants in recent months.”

And as Breitbart reported in June: Most of these migrants have no intention of assimilating.

From a June 9 Breitbart story:

“Two thirds of migrants seeking Danish citizenship failed the new test, which is part of Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg’s plan to make it harder to get a Danish passport.

“The new exams test migrants’ cultural knowledge of Denmark, along with their historical knowledge of the nation and whether they are familiar with the country’s landmarks. June saw a new citizenship test brought in. The previous exam, launched by the previous government in 2014, was deemed easy for migrants to pass.

“After learning that 68.8 per cent of migrants failed the test, politicians from the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party urged the government to re-think the exams. They demanded the tests be made easier or that the migrants be allowed to retake it for free.

“The test requires migrants answer 32 questions correctly out of 40 in order to qualify for citizenship. Among the questions in the test was one which asked migrants whether religious views needed to adhere to Danish society’s rules.

“Other questions include identifying the number of municipalities that are in Denmark, and which Danish restaurant has three Michelin stars.

“On Tuesday, Ms. Støjberg confirmed that 68.8 percent of those who took the test for the first time failed. The immigration minister said people had failed to properly study for it.

“‘It should be hard to become a Danish citizen because it is something special.

“‘Therefore, one needs to earn it. You need to prepare yourself and take the test. On top of that you need to stay away from crime and take care of yourself [financially],’ she told news agency Ritzau.”

Doesn’t seem as if citizenship, obedience to the law and assimilation into Danish culture means as much now as it did even in June … or was that just political bureaucratic-speak, even then?