The Hidden Islamic War Series: The Deep Immigrant Infiltration Networks

Dateline Paris, France, 2017: Muslims have an unfortunate tendency to falsely represent themselves as alpha males or “real men” in order to take advantage of opportunities in naive Western nations that welcome them. Just because they are seen hanging in Western night clubs with alcohol in hand, eyeing, hitting on and rudely seizing up the bodies of Western women – need not mislead us as to their hidden Islamic agenda. They lurk there while leading their double lives. You will never find public expressions of affection between a Muslim husband and a Muslim wife, but you will find plenty of public affection for disposable women. In between the benign facade to the world and the real vicious state of affairs on the inside, there is a chasm of preparation for a mission of faith that plagues every Muslim. What happens next hinges entirely on the outcome of that mental state of indecision about the mission (a part of the psychic heritage of Islam, the immigrants’ baggage). The state of indecision ends in a psychic flip after which the subject is either ready for killings or retreats into the mosque to wait another day.

On May 24, 2014, a Muslim man walked into the Jewish Museum in Brussels and opened fire with a pistol and an AK-47, killing four people in just seconds. This attack was more than just another incident of senseless gun violence. The Jihadi perpetrator, Mehdi Nemmouche, was a French citizen of Algerian descent who had spent the last year fighting in Syria. Before that, he seemed normal to the authorities because they only could see a fixed facade of appearances. Young European and American Muslims will go off to fight in Syria and Iraq as Sunni idealists but will return as anti-Western terrorists. Muslim networks of volunteers form and strengthen as groups and individuals become connected over the Internet and bonded to one another in war camps and in tense safehouses. Some groups, like Al Qaeda and ISIS, keep meticulous records, enabling them to track those who work with them and whom they train long after the conflict has ended. Then there is the ease of travel aspect. Western Muslim volunteers can simply fly, drive, or take a train to Turkey and quickly enter the fray across the border in Syria. Turkish officials routinely turn a blind eye to all terrorists coming through except the potential Kurdish dissident party supporters, some of whom do terrorize the Turkish authorities. However, Turkey is a direct enabler of terrorism. Turkey does not require a visa for travelers from the EU countries, enabling foreign fighters to slip in among the millions of tourists from the European countries. Many Muslims living in the West (who are mistakenly referred to in news or intelligence reports as “Westerners” – or worse yet – referenced by their Western country of citizenship as if they were loyal and assimilated subjects of those nations) are fighting in Syria and Iraq with the help of social media platforms with which to promote their agenda and their own fighter ethos, tools like Tumblr,, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and other platforms of social media.

Pertaining to these Jihadi proliferation channels, a great French reporter, David Thomson, wrote his collection of testimonies of French jihadists titled “Les Revenants” (The Ghosts), which is a veritable encyclopedia of French jihadism. In the article below about this book, written by a well-known and courageous Frenchman, Pierre-Yves Cosse’, a former French government Commissioner of Planning, reviews the book and points out the stories of conduct of Jihadists and the cover-up in the French Media that accompanies nearly every reported Muslim crime simply to placate Islam, most likely for reasons of cowardice and liberal political correctness.

The incitement to martyrdom for Islam is spelled out in many parts of the body of Islamic doctrine, such as this: “Nobody who enters Paradise likes to go back to the world even if he got everything on the earth, except a holy warrior who wishes to return to the world so that he may be martyred ten times because of the dignity he receives (from God).” [Chapter 54, Book of Jihaad, hadith 78, vouched by the authority of Al-Mughira bin Shuba]

Jihadism, The Peril of The Decade

The book titled “Les Revenants” [ translated as “ghosts” or “those revived from death to haunt the living”] is a veritable encyclopedia of French jihadism, the complement of which is its first survey “Les Français jihadistes” (The French Jihadists). Not only is the number of Jihadists interviewed for the book large, in the hundreds, but footnotes and clarifications given in the body of the text illuminate the historical, geographical, sociological and theological aspects.

A forerunner

David Thomson was a forerunner. He preventively shouted “Fire!” especially on television (to warn about Jihadism in France), as specialists sneered at him or cut him off because his standpoints were seen as politically incorrect. It was a time when the most prominent of our cops, always the first on television, treated the Toulouse killer Mohammed Merah as a “lone wolf”, a little suburban guy, unable to fit into our brave new multicultural world. Since then, the French police underestimate less their Islamic opponents, because the police drew lessons from experience and are better informed. However, progress is more difficult and varies especially among judges and shrinks (psychologists) of all kinds; some of them are perfectly lucid like Judge Trevidic, considered by his clients to be “understanding things and able to judge accordingly”. Others remain naive.

A delay in understanding has persisted for female jihadists. Sexist prejudice was seen as a culprit behind female victimization coming as a result of an alleged male domination. Females are seen wishing to find their husbands (sometimes even getting married on Skype …) After police interrogation for terrorist links these females were very generally released – although some did land in prison, which is being considered a source of their radicalization – but, as women, are only obliged to follow a treatment course of gentle de-radicalization, in a manner similar to how it’s done for ex-alcoholics. The naivete started to melt away with the failed terrorist attempt of gas cylinder explosions in the center of Paris, perpetrated by very young Muslim girls. Although only a few of them have participated in the armed struggle abroad, they have left the country to serve Jihad freely, sharing the same ideology as men and in solidarity with their struggle.

Diversified Recruitment

Even though the majority of Jihadists come from average popular backgrounds, the majority of them come from religious backgrounds (70%), which are generally traditional, and have a modest level of education. Oversimplification of the cases is a mistake because these come from extremely diverse situations.

Let us note the case of ten young people who had passed from the French army to that of the ISIS. A paratrooper ex-commando, who was made to sing in the French Army “..and we will make the French flag float on the lands of Islam..” sees in his comrades-in-arms nothing more than the latter-day Crusaders: “they really had the heads of knights… the only difference was that, instead of wearing a white cassock with a red cross, they were clothed in the green and black regulatory grid and the insignia of French unity.” They saw themselves as serving in the French army simply for the sake of mercenary activities as paid assassins for the French government but when they defected to ISIS they became some of the bloodiest executioners for the Islamic State.

Among the converts to the Syrian and Iraqi Jihadi groups, including ISIS, 10% are of sub-Saharan origin, we can mention a former child who sang in a church choir and a noted French boy scouts member, a dropout from the school system that found the Catholic religion too complicated for him.

And among the Jihadi volunteers in France there were many ex-rappers; let us note the attempt of one of them to record a religious song (in Arabic: nashid) because that type of music is not being prohibited in the Islamic communities unlike the instrumental music.

Relatives more numerous but always radicalized

The returning Jihadis on a mission are more numerous than those who return without a cause. Some women have returned to give birth in France and did not want their babies to be considered stateless. In Syria, the majority seem to have accepted polygamy because it was written down in Sharia Law, especially since some husbands left the first wife to seek the co-wife. More difficult to bear is the state of inactivity, which after the first months in Syria had become unbearable as well as the deteriorating material conditions due to the heavy bombing by the coalition. But it was the rapid succession of divorces and marriages that was the most difficult to live with. Divorce among the Jihadis is “super easy” and much faster than in France: “When a woman or a man wants to divorce, they divorce”. Given the high number of husbands killed, about one in five, the widows were numerous and their fate was not enviable.

The horror of women’s quarters

Widows are required to reside in women’s quarters, such as the homes for the divorced and the newly arrived women volunteers in Raqqa and other places. They are forbidden to leave these multi-storey houses where hundreds of women are crowded, in a kind of terrorist harem. The comfort is basic, simple mattresses laid on the floor in large common rooms. Yazidi sex slaves, captured in Iraq, clean up the dorms. On television screens, scenes of war and executions are projected non-stop.

After a period of four months and ten days, they will be able to leave if they unite religiously with a member of the ISIS or of ISIS-like terrorist organization. Every day, jihadists knock on the door. After seeing the face but not their hair and talking for about fifteen minutes, they make, or not, an offer to marry (which is like an offer to buy). The woman can say no. On this “market” the Arabs, “the supreme race”, are seen as the best choice. The Blacks are considered “not having the same level as the Whites or the Arabs”. As for the rare Asians “with the slanted eyes” they do not find any takers.

It is understandable that this perspective of a life in these kinds of prisons and a remarriage with unknown persons incites the desire to flee and return in these young girls, often minors. Even after returning to France, a good part of them continues to reject the values ​​of French society and continues to harbor the same desire for social revenge as the male Jihadist does. A ghostly returnee says “I do not feel French, I am Muslim, I do not need French nationality.” Others are annoyed by a de-radicalization that treats her as a victim of her family, of society and of men, in short – treated as an orphan.

A de-radicalization that slips

De-radicalization is considered inappropriate and unacceptable. Jihadists do not see themselves as “radicals” but as Muslims in accordance with what they follow, that is, the Quran and the Sunnah. To be in conformity with Islam is for them to be opposed to our Republic and to Western democracy, and having the right to live for a law belonging only to God. The proof is given by verses of the Qur’an and thousands of hadiths that perfectly harmonize with current events (in their minds). They admit more easily that it is better to “disengage” them and to remove them from violent radicalism. Moreover, there are those among them who believe in a peaceful Salafism incompatible with the methods of Daesh (ISIS).

The prison, a land of jihad

As has been said by several observers, the prison system radicalizes, including those detainees incarcerated not for Jihadism, who find religious legitimacy for their offenses or crimes under our common law. Trained by their closed-door ideology, many are certain of their convictions. The prison is judged as a positive test that gives extra points for an Islamic paradise (that awaits them). Cunning tactics of concealment of Islamic tendencies are a common practice to divert the attention of the guards: they smoke, they wear a jogging outfit and they hide when praying. At the same time, they remain connected with external terror networks thanks to miniature mobile phones (which cost between 300 and 400 euros). The worst outcome for us would be for those who have been prevented from going to Syria and want to die as martyrs in France.

In total, in the summer of 2016, “terrorist prisoners” are 325, of whom 260 are in the Paris region. The majority have not repented. And more than 1,440 detainees are in the process of radicalization.

A ten-year danger

These figures illustrate the threats to France that David Thomson calls “the decade of peril”. They are to be compared to the number of Jihadists still in Syria, 700, including 280 women. They are not the only danger. Alongside the returning ghostly killers sent by Daesh (ISIS), there are ghosts who are disappointed in ISIS but not repented and who are able to act individually – these are also menacing. The worst danger could come from a third category: that of the sympathizers who remained in France, less “professional” but sometimes more fanaticized, which are part of the new strategy of ISIS, that is to have them stay in the country to kill the maximum number of Western or French civilians by all possible means.

For this article one would like to reject such a bleak prospect, but in the present state of our information, it is the most plausible one, nonetheless.

the Mehdi Nemmouche killings
The Jihadi killings at the Jewish museum in Belgium perpetrated by Mehdi Nemmouche.