The Hidden Islamic War Series: The Leftist Allure of Islamic Conversion

By Alexander Shah

Dateline, United States, 1950-2020: If some people are any guide, what a waste an American education can be, or often is! You will notice a common thread connecting Cassius Clay’s and James Campbell’s conversion to Islam: the exploitation of color and the godless leftist roots for the sake of the couched message of Jihad with which to stab America in the back! When Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali, he did so because he sought for ways to empower himself and enhance his image of a downtrodden man of color who could beat the white people in a boxing ring and thus offer the hope of victory against the West to the millions of Soviet-inspired colonial subjects in Africa and Asia. He wanted to become a champion against the White Icon of America seen in the movies, which at that time sported the essence of European-American, Protestant, Christian heritage with pride and excitement. After all, there were reasons for this honor, for it was this heritage that created a civilization out of the wilderness of North America, produced discoveries in many fields of learning that no prior civilization in history could have made with all of their considerable powers, and victoriously fought massive wars across long distances (fighting a war for its own human rights against the mother country, winning a deeply divisive civil war, topping it off with two won world wars, and then keeping an active front against the greatest force of oppression in history – the Soviet Union in the Cold War). It is quite telling that ALL the leftist movements in America, including those that were the loudest about human rights, had NOTHING to object about when it came to the Soviet Union! It even became fashionable among some Black and White leftists to learn Russian and diminish the usage of the rich English language. (This is probably how the unseemly lyrics of rap music received acceptance.)

So, starting with the 1950’s – the Left conspired to take down this European-American heritage by adopting and expanding upon Lenin’s strategy of incitement of the colonial, non-white, tribal-nationalist subjects of the European colonial empires (including therein America’s minorities) in order to take down the European Civilization and open the doors wide to Moscow’s murderous influence. America’s naive minorities were one such easy target of leftist incitement (not immune to the lowest feelings) combining race envy, class envy, achievement envy with the publicity poster perceptions about catchy slogans like “justice”, “inequality”, “human rights” (as if these can be used as weapons to obliterate the greatness in history) all supplied by the Soviet Union and her allies in the West, such as the Frankfurt School and the New School For Social Research in New York. They sought by all means necessary to demoralize and demean all the achievements in America (and more broadly in the West as a whole) made in the course of an impressive experience spanning over two to three centuries of colonization and settlement of North America. Thanks to the incipient anti-Zionism of the Left and of the instinctive opposition to Israel from the World of Islam, the first point of agreement between the Left and Islam (the hatred of Israel) established itself as a point of departure for a combined total ideological, educational, and media attack on the West.

This effort continues on to this day, and includes the mass immigration of unassimilable foreigners into the West, including the Muslims who come pent up with an Islamic propaganda aggression, but who easily adopt the ideas of the Left in order to secure a beachhead in the West for the sake of an eventual takeover of the host from within! All Muslim immigrants in the West serve the long-term POLITICAL purpose of a government takeover for the sake of their religion, social ideology and lifestyle. That’s a hard fact and it comes from the basic core instruction to the believers in the Qur’an. The mission of Muslims on their road to the West is one of an ever greater reward in heaven from their God ‘Allah’ for the hardships of promotion of Islam in an unislamic environment. Ironically, the more they hate or oppose their “infidel” host country, the more they suffer for their opposition, the greater is the reward they would get from God either here or in the hereafter. It is not a simple case of “if you don’t like it here then go back to where you feel welcome”.

The article below reveals to us what goes on in the mind of a shallow Western leftie when he goes about converting to Islam – and not doing so from the perspective of a culture of true Western heritage – but from the swamp of a rigged marketplace of Neo-Communist/leftist ideas in wide currency since at least the 1960’s grown like cancer in the shadows of America’s cities of concrete and soft suburbian schools of brainwashing. Below, this article author’s pronounced stupidity of an unwise “confessional” (which no true Muslim would ever do, by the way) is highlighted in bold with this post author’s comments in brackets. The author, James Campbell, is a child of stale leftist staple prejudice, which is revealed throughout this shamefully ignorant article, something that he announced subconsciously in his opening line (“I am white, and thoroughly American.”) as if to project on you, the reader, his own prejudices against the classical American identity as he came to hate it, because he is, or was, a self-hating American thanks to the weight of schooled guilt and the dead wood of disconnected heritage piled on top of his Neo-Communist thought processes. James Campbell merely needs an escape from his suicide by persistent negative thought. For all his schooling, this preppie James Campbell is an extreme case of an intellectual primitive in action.


Why I, An American Man From Long Island, Converted To Islam

First things first: I am white, and thoroughly American.

I am a registered and informed Democrat, I like dirty jokes and I speak with a vague Long Island accent. And, in a little over a week, I will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of my conversion to Islam. Coming to Islam felt entirely natural. [This certainly has to be true, because a leftist converting to Islam is just a change in tasteless wardrobe.] The famous scholar and convert, Muhammad Asad, described his first impression of Islam as “a perfect work of architecture,” its every pillar and crossbeam serving a practical, healthful end. To him, it felt conceived as if to perfectly meet the Godly and bodily needs of all human beings, race and sex aside. Sheikh Asad is a rare exception. Far more common are stories of converts being drawn to the religion by the sound of the Qur’an alone. While I wish I had had the initial insight of Sheikh Asad, it took me some time to arrive at the wisdom of al-Islam.

In the beginning, like so many others, I was just a sucker for the sound. And wallah, is that sound singular on this Earth. As I have written elsewhere, my first experience hearing the recitation of the Qur’an was nourishing of my anemic soul in a way that nothing else has ever been. It was like a rush of warm, crimson blood into a tingling, shriveled limb. A background in Arabic was not even necessary. In fact, no sophisticated understanding of language is required at all. The words of the Qur’an hit you somewhere a little further south than the brain. [it definitely appeals to the unintelligent side of any man] Haven’t heard it? It’s time.

Now, let’s stop here for a second. I can guess what you’re thinking. As the Arabic settles in your head — as you read this and you pass by words like Qur’an, and wallah — your perception of me is changing. I am no longer a Democrat, or a Long Islander and I no longer like dirty jokes. Suddenly, I am sprouting a beard. A kufi appears out of mid-air and sinks onto my head. My skin darkens. I shout in a harsh, guttural language at a passing woman wearing clothes that I deem too promiscuous. You have now made me into a capital-M Muslim, the “common” kind of Muslim, and I would guess that there’s very little I can do to reverse that in your mind. But allow me one more chance to course-correct this knee-jerk descent into harmful stereotypes before it’s irreversible: I am a white, American man. I play the guitar. I listen to Drake. I drink Coca-Cola (more than I should). And on top of all that, I pray to Allah five times a day. I have been told time and again, by people both Muslim and not, that my white American-ness has granted me a unique position. [Told by whom? By your “modest Muslim buddies”? You converted to enhance your elitist sense of entitlement to privileged treatment, which your sentences prove here.] The same word is always used: mediator.

We all have pet peeves. One which I’ve recently discovered for myself is the word mediator — especially in the circumstances that I’ve described above. There are a few assumptions lying underneath the use of that word that don’t sit right with me. When, after all, do we need mediators? When groups of people clash. When there is so much difference or discord, that a third party needs to step in to force the groups together in reconciliation. [That is not true. Mediators are ambassadors, aristocratic natures with an ability to look beyond the rigid and dodgy doctrine of the partisans in conflict, something that this partisan convert cannot understand.] What, then, are these well-meaning people asking me to do when they call me a mediator? To bring together two groups (Islam and Americans) that are inherently at odds in what they value. I call this a false premise. So, put simply, I decline your invitation to mediate. Why? Because there is nothing to force together. You may not have noticed them before 9/11, but Muslim people have been living quietly alongside you all along. [Quietly? What about the many dozens of major instances of Muslim attacks on Americans both at home an abroad in the 1990’s??] They vote, they play video games, they fall in love and get married. [as if buying women via the Islamic marriage contracts under the threat of honor killing is “falling in love and getting married”] And these things are easy for them — not just because they are American, but also because they are Muslim. As you’ll find, these words could very well be synonyms.

Let’s take a moment to look at some facts: According to research conducted by Sylviane Diouf, around one fifth (that is 20 percent) of all slaves brought to the New World from Africa were Muslim. [there is no evidence for that, only conjecture dressed up as research] The number grows to nearly half when you count the slaves that lived in Muslim-ruled territory. [yes, they lived in Muslim-ruled territory because they were the African slaves of Muslims] The enlightenment thinkers who would go on to influence the ideals of the American founding fathers were open about the fact that they were, in turn, influenced by Islamic philosophers like Avicenna, Averroes and Imam Ghazali [that is total comedic quasi-intellectual fantasy borne of the antisemitic marriage of Islamic and Leftist propaganda where he pulled these names from some cheap textbook’s rear] . The Qur’an speaks in explicit terms about religious freedom, the equality of genders, races and ethnicities, and economic and social justice for the least among us. [this is a serious untruth that almost makes an educated man of reason jaw-drop in amazement at the stupid sort of ignorance behind this statement – but it suits the Leftist narrative in America and Europe! Islamic thought and the Qur’an have NOTHING to say about the Western concepts of “Race”, “gender” and “Ethnicity”!]

This is, by no means, an academic work. I do not pretend to be a scholar of law or of Islamic theology. [You do, fool, you do, you make yourself look disingenuous here because you just stated in the prior paragraph how conclusive your take on Islam’s message is which has to come from some scholarship!] But it seems to me that these basic facts that I have listed above give voice to a powerful and essential twofold message. One: Islam has been here since the beginning, playing a role in both the physical and philosophical construction of our country [since when and just how did the uneducated slaves on Southern plantations, all of whom became simple Christians, contribute Islamic thought to the founding of the United States of America??], and two: the Holy Qur’an and its calls for pluralism and justice for the oppressed read with shocking similarity to America’s own foremost legal document: our Constitution. [what “pluralism” and “justice” in the Qur’an can be identified with the philosophy of British liberalism that inspired the 18th century Constitution of USA?? What is “pluralism”? a phrase? a means by which to self-destruct one’s own heritage and culture?]

Of course, there have been times in our history when we did not live up to our ideals. Take, for instance, the fact that our most progressive president interned an entire ethnic group during World War II. [one of the few very prudent measures by FDR who sought to eliminate a potential 5th column in California where the Japanese war machine had war plans of invasion, such as “The Plan of San Diego” that you never even heard of] Or perhaps, if you prefer, the fact that women in our country were deprived of the right to vote until the year 1920 (and even then, it was really only white women). [So, now you want to look mercurial and cynical as if to prove your intelligence by being cheeky and saying how the 19th Amendment was practically not useful to the non-White women in America? And what about the Islamic women who always must take the back of the bus in ANY public setting, including the mosque? You can infer an analogous cynical conclusion about the practical inequality in Islam, where Arabs and Turks always hold the first place among Muslims over and above the negroid Africans and mongoloid Asians.] Or, my favorite, slavery. But it would be unfair, bordering on absurd, to condemn the entire American experiment based simply off the failures of a few insane men with too much power [who were these “few insane men with too much power”?? The honorable FDR who saved America from the Nazis? The heroic Andrew Jackson who saved the American experiment from the Indians and the British?] — almost as absurd as condemning an entire religion for the crimes of less than one percent of its adherents. [every movement of a community’s appointed killers is an expression of the whole for which it stands symbolically and ideologically. That is how the small number of the Nazis stood for the entire Germany during her darkest period. ISIS stands for Islam just as much as the Turkish president and the royal house of Saudi Arabia do. There is always an avant-garde, just like this white American convert to Islam is or can be with respect to the community of American converts to Islam.]

Now, you are an Elite Daily reader. Chances are, you are a Millennial and you are liberal. [Why? Because your Islamo-liberal prejudices make you think so?] Chances are that you value universal human rights, freedom of expression and all of the other ideals that we as Americans strive daily to honor. [Ironically yet again, this cad himself disproves the truth of his own statement because, in reality, “universal human rights” do not exist anywhere, and especially not in the world of Islam where people are stoned, beheaded and ostracized in the name of rigid perceptions feeding the constant need to satisfy an enormous PR and publicity campaigns that all Muslims live by] Perhaps you are more Islamic than you think. But I am not here to convert you to Islam. After all, the Qur’an teaches us that there is no compulsion in religion. [The Qur’an does NOT teach that. The holy book of Muslims teaches the faithful to fight the infidels in any manner possible until they control them and overpower them, in which case they can then decide on the fate of the defeated, sparing them under a heavy yoke or worse.] What I would like you to do instead is consider that I, as a natural-born American, am no different now that I have converted to Islam. [This might be the most important statement of his in the entire article – because “converting” from Liberal Democrat to Muslim is no conversion at all! And he proved it well here. Such a conversion is just a glorified ego trip.] In fact, converting has probably brought me closer to what a true American ought to be. Maybe — just maybe — the kufi belongs on all our heads.

the swamp of the intellectually primitive American Left came out in this protest
The swamp of the intellectually primitive American Left came out in this protest, so dear to this Moslem convert’s confused and misinformed American heart.

a combined attack on the American flag
America’s leftist whites and blacks burning down the American flag in public.

Muslims burning down an American flag
Muslims burning down the American flag.