‘Jihad Generation’ Predicted to Unleash Civil War Across Europe

A professor who teaches on Islam at the Sciences Po in Paris warned of a growing radicalized Muslim youth in Europe, bent on unleashing a torrent of crimes across the nation in the coming years – a “Jihad Generation,” finding its voice, so to speak.

Gilles Kepel, dubbed a specialist on the Arab world and the Muslim religion by the U.K.-based newspaper, the Sun, said the goal of these ISIS-like radicals is to destroy Europe and kill any moderate-minded Muslim who opposes jihad.

The Sun said:

“According to German newspaper Die Welt, Kepel said the [ISIS-like] terror group’s aim is to incite hatred towards Muslims from the rest of the society, which would eventually radicalize others to the point that Europe could enter into full-blown civil war.

“‘The terrorism is above all an expression of a war within Islam,” Kepel said. “The long-term goal of the Jihad Generation is to destroy Europe through civil war and then build an Islamic society from the ashes.”

Kepel warned of their strategy to mimic ISIS and its growth across Syria, Iraq and Libya by similarly using political unrest and civil strife to expand – a sort of “let no crisis go to waste” philosophy..

As the Sun put it:

“He believes [the Jihad Generation’s] strategy is similar to the expansion of Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, where the terrorist organization was able to use the chaos of civil war to slowly build its forces, grow in power and rapidly seize territory.”

Kepel’s comments come just days after police discovered a car loaded with gas-filled containers near Notre Dame in Paris. They also come just after French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced investigators were trying to keep track of some 15,000 individuals in France who’ve been placed on terror-watch lists.

After revealing that bit of news, Valls said, the Sun reported:

“There will be new attacks. There will be innocent victims. … This is also my role to tell this truth to the French people.”