@NBCChicago gets it completely wrong on AFDI #Myjihad ads

Talk about crazy. If NBC Chicago tried to get it more wrong, they could not. They kick off this unintentionally comedic news report saying that
last month
the American Freedom Defense Initiative launched CTA
bus ads that linked Muslims to savages: "the ads included fake testimonies by extremists including Osama Bin Laden."

This weekend the Council on
American Islamic Relations countered
with their own campaign called my
jihad. It promotes jihad as daily struggles, not terror and a naperville mom is featured in one of the ads.

Sheesh, where to begin? First, our #myjihad ads did not run last month. We just submitted them. They haven't even run yet. And our campaign is a response to the Hamas-CAIR taqiyya ad campaign obscuring the true nature of jihad. This "news reporter" states the exact opposite. This numb nuts says that Hamas-CAIR's myjihad ad is in response to our my jihad ad. Got that. And just for the record, every one of our ad campaigns has been in response to some fallacious ad that was running.

But the most egregious and dangerous misreporting is the lie that our quotes are fake. This outrageous lie was started by the notorious shill for Islamic supremacists, Manya Brachear, over at the Chicago Tribune. 

The quotes are accurate and real. Any moron could do a quick google search and find that out.

They did not get one thing right. Not one. Oh, and we never called Muslims savages, we called jihadis savages. Because they are. Targeting innocent civilians is savagery.

Perhaps if they called for comment instead of running Muslim Brotherhood press releases, they might get the story right. But that is not their goal.

Here's the accompanying article. Go. Leave a comment. Politely ask them to report the news, not make it up. The lengths the enemedia goes through to cover for jihad. The mind reels.

"MyJihad" Ads Land on CTA Buses" NBC Chicago

Chicago's buses have become a battleground for a controversial ad campaign.

A conservative group, American
Freedom Defense Initiative, last month placed ads on buses that likened
Muslims to savages. They included fake testimonials by extremists,
including Osama bin Laden.

In response, the Council on American
Islamic Relations countered with their own campaign, "MyJihad," which
define Jihad as life's daily struggles, not incidents of terror or holy

"Day to day jihad that we do so much
has never been shown before and no wonder, the only side that's shown is
the violence, which is not even in essence real jihad," said Naperville
mother Angie Emara, who is featured on one of the advertisements.

CAIR-Chicago's Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, said he hopes to spread the campaign to
New York, DC, San Francisco, Houston and Seattle.

The campaign's website is at MyJihad.org.