Metro: “Another controversial subway ad on the way”

Here’s the thing, it’s not the ideology that commands genocide, the slaughter of innocents, ethnic cleansing, racism, the murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt and Libya, Christians in Nigeria, Hindus in Pakistan and India, or Jews in Israel and Europe etc  that’s controversial. No, it’s my referring to it, speaking of it,  that’s controversial.

Got that?

“PHOTO: Another controversial subway ad on the way” Danielle Tcholakian, Metro NY, January 03, 2013 5:52 p.m.

NY clock font ad final copy2


This ad is set to be displayed in subway stations on January 7.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative will release new ads on
between the hanging clocks on subway platforms, the NY Times reported.

Last September, the group launched an ad campaign with the word “savage”
referring to Muslim opponents of Israel.  Many of those ads were

ADFI executive director Pamela Geller says the new ads will be out on January 7.

The new ad (below) features the burning Twin Towers and a quote credited
to the Quran: “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the

AFDI chose to advertise up by the clocks this time to avoid vandalism and as a metaphor, Geller told the Times.

“The clock is ticking, from a civilizational point of view,” Geller said.