NY Daily News Having Second Thoughts On Supporting ‘Geller Ban’ on Free Speech

The radical left-wing extremist New York Daily News (they’re not the only ones who can name call) is lamenting the banning of free speech on NYC’s public transportation – the Geller ban in an op-ed today. They blame the Rhetorical bomb-thrower Pamela Geller”, “Subway Uglifer”, “Racist-Islamophobic-Anti-Muslim-Bigot“, – one of many slurs and pejoratives flung at you by the storm-trooping left if you oppose jihad terror, gender apartheid, creed apartheid and genocide. What is missing from this The NYDN op-ed is their mea culpa – these very same whiners supported the banning of speech until …… it affected them and their hard left causes. Further missing from this sophomoric (albeit correct) whine is that it’s not just New York City. Every city in the United States has since imposed the Geller ban. I warned the NYC MTA at the time of the public hearings that banning free speech on public transport in NYC would send a message to the world. I was right. It did just that. New York City government set the example and the rest of America’s cities (run by authoritarian Democrats) followed like lemmings.

Every city in the United States, land of the First Amendment, has banned political, issue-related ads.

‘First they came for the Gellers, but I did not speak out because I am not a Geller….”

Just as I warned in my plea to the MTA – watch these videos to MTA board in 2012 and 2015.


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The F(reedom) train: The MTA’s weak stand on free speech and ads

By Daily News Editorial Board, New York Daily News | Jan 29, 2020 | 4:00 AM

For five years now, the good men and women of the MTA have banned all political and message advertising, with the not-so-small exception of public service announcements that happen to boost incumbents like the mayor and governor. Transit system brass didn’t want to let rhetorical bomb-thrower Pamela Geller upset some straphangers by speaking harshly of Islam — and the only constitutional way to stop her was to say no to any and all ads expressing opinions on contentious moral, religious or social issues.

Hard cases make bad policy. Because now, the cash-strapped subway system is leaving money on the table. Paid political speech and message advertising is being prohibited in what is the city’s most vital public square, in an election year no less. And some politics is inevitably slipping through, disadvantaging speakers who don’t happen to fall under transitcrats’ good graces.

To wit: Internet dating service OKCupid’s just-released subway campaign encourages people to look for love based on political affiliation. “It’s OK to choose to only date someone who’s pro-choice,” reads one. “It’s OK to choose Mr. Right based on how far left he leans,” says another.

It’s not OK to enforce arbitrary distinctions and chill political speech in the process.