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As 2016 draws to a close, there is more hope for the forces of freedom than there has been in years. That’s why there is no more fitting recipient of your tax-deductible donation than the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), America’s foremost human rights activist group.

AFDI is groundbreaking and unique among human rights organizations. Since its founding, AFDI has been a gamechanger — taking on the battle head-on, and taking it straight to the enemy. We fought for the rights of ex-Muslim teen Rifqa Bary when her father threatened her life; we dedicated a memorial to Aqsa Parvez and other victims of honor killing (the only organization in the Western world to memorialize and stand up for the rights of honor killing victims); we ran thousands of bus ads highlighting the threat of jihad and Islamic antisemitism; we defeated the sinister Ground Zero Mosque project; we filed a dozen free speech lawsuits, which we all won, with the government striking back and banning all political ads. We are fighting back, but there is a silver lining: the bad guys can’t run their propaganda anymore, either. All those anti-Israel ads? No more.

Here is a brief summary of what we have accomplished so far in 2016:


Recently a number of courageous writers and journalists have created blockbuster videos that changed the political discourse in America. I am very happy to be able to inform you that one of them, Laura Loomer, has just joined AFDI. She is coming aboard with a one-year contract to produce original video content exposing Jew-hatred and support for jihad on campus, and related issues.

You probably came across her high-quality work when she was with Project Veritas: she was, among other things, the burqa-clad woman who posed as Huma Abedin and was offered a ballot to vote in New York without being asked to produce proper ID.

Laura is now bringing her courageous and incisive investigative journalism to AFDI. Watch for a series of blockbuster videos from college and university campuses, beginning very soon.




We’re setting the record straight about our Garland free speech event – and telling the truth about the war on free speech.

It was a day that changed America. And now we’re making a movie to tell the truth about what happened on that day, and why. Hollywood will never tell this story. The media will never tell this story. Our public schools and universities will never teach our children what happened. The truth must be told.

It’s time to set the record straight: I’ve begun preparing a new documentary on the Garland attacks – a follow-up to my acclaimed 2011 documentary, The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks.

This much-needed new documentary won’t just give you the inside story of what happened in Garland and why. It will lay out the full and appalling details of the all-out assault on the freedom of speech that is taking place today – and why this may be the most crucial battleground today in the war for the survival of the United States of America as a free republic.

It will feature new and exclusive interviews with me, Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders, who was the keynote speaker at the Garland event, and Muhammad cartoon contest winner Bosch Fawstin, along with event co-organizer Robert Spencer and free speech warriors Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray, Ezra Levant, Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks, and other champions of freedom. These interviews will reveal events at Garland and its aftermath that have never before been revealed to the public, and demonstrate how far advanced the war on free speech really is.

The movie will also feature seldom-seen news footage and revealing details not only of the Garland event and the jihad killers who wanted to wage jihad there, but also of the many other battlegrounds in the war for free speech that led up to the Garland attack, including the death fatwa issued in 1989 by the Islamic Republic of Iran against Salman Rushdie for his supposed blasphemy in The Satanic Verses; the assassination of Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim on an Amsterdam street in November 2004 for his alleged blasphemy; the Dutch newspaper Jyllands Posten’s cartoons of Muhammad, published in September 2005, which touched off international riots and killings by Muslims – and most disturbing of all, calls in the West for restrictions on the freedom of speech; the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s years-long struggle at the UN to compel the West to criminalize “incitement to religious hatred” (a euphemism for criticism of Islam); and the U.S. under Obama signing on to UNCHR Resolution 16/18, which calls on member states to work to restrict incitement to religious hatred.

We’ll cover lesser-known skirmishes in the war against free speech as well, such as Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris’ “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” in 2010, after which Norris was forced to go into hiding and change her identity after threats. And I’ll trace out what immediately led up to our Garland event – most notably, the January 2015 massacre of Muhammad cartoonists at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris and the subsequent “Stand with the Prophet” event in Garland, at which Muslim groups gathered in the wake of that massacre not to defend free speech, but to complain about “Islamophobia,” while I led AFDI members and supporters in a protest outside.

Above all, We’ll set out the media firestorm that followed the Garland event, as well as the attempts to kill me, and explain why the event’s detractors were all missing the point: the freedom of speech doesn’t apply only if you like the message; it applies to everyone. And if it is gone, so is a free society.

The implications of my Garland event are far larger than the event itself. The reaction to our event indicates how advanced the Islamic war on free speech is, and how close the leftist and Islamic supremacist authoritarians are to final victory and the death of free speech.




Fox News ran it as a front-page story in March: I’ve been marked for death by an Islamic fatwa – but I’m still fighting for the freedom of speech.

Fox News ran this story about my fight for the freedom of speech on March 28:

Pamela Geller, co-founder of the controversial anti-Muslim extremist American Freedom Defense Initiative, is believed to have been the target of two men who tried to storm a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon competition in Garland, Texas, last year. She had already been threatened with death from various Islamist groups, including ISIS.
What’s controversial about defending freedom?
Geller has defiantly lived under Islamist death threats since at least 2006, when her blog, Atlas Shrugs, reprinted cartoon images of Muhammad originally published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Geller organized a “Draw the Prophet” cartoon contest held May 3, 2015, at the same site in Texas where a Muslim group had months earlier held a “Stand With the Prophet” event.
My event wasn’t called “Draw the Prophet.” He isn’t my prophet. It was called the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest.” We stood for free speech and displayed images of Muhammad from throughout Islamic history and today.
Two Muslim extremists were killed in a shootout with a Garland Independent School District police officer outside the event.
Geller is believed to have been the target of an attack last year in Garland, Texas.
“I was their prime target,” Gellar [sic] told FoxNews.com. “Muslims have called for my death and published on Twitter what they think is my home address. Shortly after the Garland event, ISIS issued a formal fatwa calling for my death.”
A month later, a 26-year-old Muslim man, Usaamah Rahim, was killed by Boston police after charging at them with a military knife. After his death, police revealed that Rahim was an ISIS follower who had planned to behead Geller in retaliation for her Muhammad art exhibit.
Gellar’s [sic] strong stance against radical Islam has angered more than just Muslims. She was denied entry into the UK in 2013 as “not conducive to the public good” and has been branded a bigot by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Geller, who lives in New York City under constant guard, said she will never give up her campaign to warn the world about radical Islam.
“I take nothing for granted. I’m aware of the risks,” Geller noted. “But I would rather die standing up than on my knees.”

And I am standing up. The media is still not telling the American people the whole story about the Islamic war on free speech, and it must be told. The American people are woefully unprepared for what is coming.

On September 11, I spoke at an event organized by Congressman Tom Tancredo, but not before receiving threat warnings from the FBI. A large police, FBI and security detail was required to insure the safety of the over 400 who attended the standing-room-only event.

Freedom of speech in the age of jihad. Our security costs are mounting. But we are determined not to let these murderous thugs silence us.




The war is in the information battlespace, and the leftist/Islamic machine is working to shut down all opposition to its sinister authoritarian agenda. Facebook tried to censor me, but the blowback was so fierce, we were reinstated.

“Facebook and Reddit accused of censorship after pages discussing Orlando carnage are deleted in wake of terrorist attack,” Daily Mail Facebook shuts down ‘Stop the Islamization of America’Arutz Sheva, Israel National News Banned & blocked: Facebook & Reddit censor users after Orlando massacre Russia Today

Facebook is a key tool for people to exchange information that is not available from the mainstream media, and to circumvent media disinformation and censorship. Now that Mark Zuckerberg, under pressure from Angela Merkel and others, has adopted a policy of censoring news that portrays Muslim migrants in an unfavorable light and reveals the jihadi motivations of the Orlando killer, a primary avenue for disseminating politically incorrect information is being closed. Zuckerberg is unwittingly serving the sharia imperative of prohibiting criticism of Islam, and striking a tremendous blow against the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of any free society.

Our pages on Facebook and Twitter reach over close to half a million people a day. That’s huge.

We filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenging Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) under the First Amendment. In a press release, the AFLC explained that “Section 230 provides immunity from lawsuits to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, thereby permitting these social media giants to engage in government-sanctioned censorship and discriminatory business practices free from legal challenge.” AFDI, its President Pamela Geller, and Jihad Watch and its director Robert Spencer, are bringing this suit.

Every day I received emails from readers and members of my various Facebook groups, asking for help after having been blocked for posting a story or comment that might offend Muslims.
This is America, not Saudi Arabia. Enough. Read the whole story here:
BREITBART NEWS: Pamela Geller. “Why I Am Suing Facebook”
It’s Time to Stand for Free Speech: We’re Suing the USG to Remove the Immunity that Facebook, Twitter and YouTub Use to Suppress Free Speech
Pamela Geller Suing Facebook Over Censorship Newsmax – ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
Pamela Geller tweets: ‘We are SUING FACEBOOK’ WND.com – ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
Lawsuit: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor voices they dislike WJLA – ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
The AFLC explained: “Geller and Spencer, along with the organizations they run, are often subject to censorship and discrimination by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because of Geller’s and Spencer’s beliefs and views, which Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube consider expression that is offensive to Muslims. Such discrimination, which is largely religion-based in that these California businesses are favoring adherents of Islam over those who are not, is prohibited in many states, but particularly in California by the state’s anti-discrimination law, which is broadly construed to prohibit all forms of discrimination. However, because of the immunity granted by the federal government, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are free to engage in their otherwise unlawful, discriminatory practices.”

AFDI President Pamela Geller said in a statement: “Every day I received emails from readers and members of my various Facebook groups, asking for help after having been blocked for posting a story or comment that might offend Muslims. This is America, not Saudi Arabia. Enough. I am suing. For years I have documented the outrageous bias of Facebook’s speech policies. Notoriously one-sided, those who oppose jihad terror, support Israel and stand against the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth (sharia) have been systematically blocked and banned.”

Geller added: “And to those of you who say, ‘Forget Facebook, we’ll do without it,’ I say no. I am sick and tired of the suppression of our speech. We are unable to engage in the public square. And yes, Facebook is the public square; it’s where we connect. We have to fight for it. Shouting into the wilderness is not freedom of speech. My Facebook page has close to 300,000 followers, and combined with my pages (SIOA, SION, AFDI), the reach is another 100,000. It’s a critical connection.”




The hate-filled anti-Israel group known as the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SEAMAC) ran bus ads in San Francisco that proclaimed, “Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights.” As always at AFDI, we countered with the truth.
Using the Nazi disinformation template, the SEAMAC ad was a total lie: Muslims serve in the Israeli Knesset and have more rights in Israel than they do in Muslim countries.

And so we unveiled a new advertising campaign that boldly told truths about Israel and the Palestinian Authority that the U.S. government and the mainstream media seem determined to obfuscate.

Our AFDI ad depicted children dressed as jihad terrorists and brandishing guns and knives, in photos taken from Palestinian Authority media, and reads: “The Palestinian Authority Teaches Children to Hate. End All U.S. Aid to the P.A.” It went up on hundreds of buses in San Francisco.
The public square is increasingly available only to a far-left perspective; other points of view are shut out. But at AFDI, we are not going to accept this. As always, we tell truths other groups fear to tell.

Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Israel uses missiles to protect its people. The Palestinians use their people to protect their missiles. These outrageous falsehoods from SEAMAC must not stand unanswered and will not stand unanswered. Wherever SEAMAC’s blood libels run, we will counter them, or sue for our First Amendment rights if our ads are not approved.

The relentless racism and Jew-hatred exhibited by the Muslim world and the American Muslim community furiously steamrolls over good and decent peoples and communities. Think about the billions we are giving to Muslim Brotherhood jihadists in Egypt and Libya, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, the Taliban in Afghanistan, etc.

It’s time the truth be told. We told it in San Francisco, and we’re going elsewhere with this campaign as well. We plan to roll out our new ads not just in San Francisco, but across the country on buses and train stations in major cities.




We filed suit in the United Kingdom – again. We are fighting for freedom there harder than most Brits.
In June, I reported that we were starting a new ad campaign to run on London taxis. It consisted simply of quotes from Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, such as “I have been made victorious through terror.”
I was told by John Kehoe, a representative of Media Agency in London, that the London buses would not accept my ads, despite the fact that the buses were running ads proclaiming the greatness of Allah. It was Media Agency that suggested I run the ads on taxis instead. I agreed.
I had signed contacts and paid in full on May 13. On that day, we released an announcement: AFDI- Taxi Supersides Contract Between Media Agency Group and Pamela Geller is Signed and Filed!
On June 27, I wrote to John: “John, Please confirm that the ads are up and running today.” On June 28, I receive an email from Gabrielle Conneely of Transport Media telling me that “all taxis are now posted and on the road.”
But here’s the thing: the ads never ran.
Transport Media lied. They said that hundreds of our ads were running on London taxis. When I asked for proof of placement – environmental shots of taxis bearing the ads on London streets – they stopped answering my emails.
If the ads had been running, there would have been an uproar in the dhimmi British media. The Guardian would have been furious that we dared to insult Muhammad by quoting his exact words.
Also, don’t you think that if the ads had been running, every Muslim cabbie in London (i.e., every cabbie in London) would have been on strike and up in arms (some literally) and refusing to drive, or peeling off the ads, etc.?
But there was nothing. Not one word.
The ads never ran. These perfidious Albionites to lie to you and take your money. They never ran the ads.
Can you imagine what would happen if they tried to pull this on jihad or Sharia groups?
On June 28, I wrote the following to Kehoe and Conneely, as well as to my attorneys in Britain:
Please immediately supply environmental (street) photos of these taxis featuring our ads running around London. Despite your assurances that they are running, we have received no reports from our numerous contacts in the city of any sightings of these taxis. There has been no discussion of them, either pro or con, in social media or in the British press. Given the highly controversial nature of the ads in light of the British political scene today, it is virtually inconceivable that these ads would run without either a murmur of dissent or one single affirmation of support.
We can only conclude that your assertions that they are running are not accurate, and unless we receive atmospheric photos forthwith, we will be undertaking discussions with our British attorneys (cc’d here) about possible legal action.
And so we filed suit, through my British law firm, Taylor Rose. In response, the Media Agency actually claimed that a picture I photoshopped of how our ads would look on London taxis was evidence that the ads ran! When we challenged that, they sent us photos of the ads on parked taxis — after repeatedly refusing to show us any evidence that the ads had run before. Their new photos were obviously an attempt to stop our suit: they put the ads on taxis, took the photos, and took them off. But their dishonesty was transparent.
We are not going to sit by and be defrauded. These ads should have run, and the British police should have been poised to defend the freedom of speech. After the Muslim mayor banned advertisements on buses and subways of bikini-clad women, what would have been more appropriate (or needed) than our new ad campaign?
This is yet another example of the crushing imposition of Islamic law in Britain — from my being banned from entering the country for the crime of opposing jihad, while the most vicious Islamic preachers who incite to violence and murder are routinely allowed in, to the new Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, banning advertisements featuring women in bikinis and promising more Sharia enforcement against so-called “anti-Muslim hate speech” – while his transit authority is stealing tens of thousands of dollars from those of us who are fighting for our most basic freedoms.
But this lawsuit is expensive. It has already cost us over $35,000, and more charges will be coming. No British attorneys will work for us pro bono. This is an important fight for the freedom of speech.


For months I worked on a redesign of The Geller Report (formerly known as Atlas Shrugs), AFDI’s flagship website.

I rebuilt and redesigned Atlas — now titled The Geller Report — to give you more news and information in a more engaging format. The home page and home screen have a new, visual design built around big stories, trending headlines and the latest news the enemedia censors and scrubs. Stories and photos load faster. Less waiting time! Easier to share! And so much more of the content you count on — truth and transparency.

The new site is amazing — it was important that we have the best technology, the best security and the best platform. As you may recall, the website has been the target of multiple, massive DDoS attacks.

Most people are unaware how important the website is. It’s the mother ship. All of the activism — the protests, the ads, the conferences, Ground Zero mosque movement, Muhammad art exhibit, etc all started here – at Atlas, now The Geller Report. The daily news covering stories the media censors are widely shared by readers on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc — it’s a real movement for freedom. You and I wage the fight in the information battle-space. The new site will make your fight easier.

Behind it all is your favorite news “curator.” The costs of the rebuild, webmaster, web designer, security, firewalls, bandwidth is a small fortune. I am looking at costs upwards of 10k.

Longtime Atlas readers know I have been at this 24/7/365 for the past 15 years. And we am never going to give up. Please help us continue our work for freedom.

Without your support, we cannot do what must be done.

Please contribute here, NOW — or send a check to:


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