VIDEO: NBC (KNTV) News Misleads, Twists AFDI Gay Campaign


Refusing to call attention to the plight of gays under Islamic law is killing people. 

The lead-in gives the impression that our ads are anti-gay, as if at first we targeted Muslims and now we're targeting gays. The enemedia in attack, deceive and demonize mode.We are trying to save lives while they are working furiously to sanitize and whitewash the ideology that commands the subjugation, oppression and death penalty for homosexuality.

"We reached out to Pamela Geller this morning and have not yet heard back"

So said the reporter on the story, Monte Francis. Not true and I tweeted at Monte Francis. He contacted me and said his producer sent me an email. I can assure you, he did not. We
did a phone interview. I hope it makes it into the broadcast.

Theresa Sparks and the HRC should be standing with me against Muslim oppression of gays. Don't they care that their brothers and sisters are being victimized? Sparks' point about Iran is not an indication that Iran is some pluralist society — just the opposite. Gays are pressured into sex changes as the only way they can be allowed to live in Iranian society, whether they want to or not.

The SF official reaction to my ads is obscene and absurd. They wouldn't condemn the hateful statements on the ads, even when specifically asked to do so. They're only condemning me for drawing attention to those statements — as if this problem will go away if we ignore it.