Nonie Darwish: Obama’s Legacy

December 31, 2015 0

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explains what the President's true legacy is and will be: Only the future can tell the true legacy of any president, but since 2016 will be Obama’s last year in […]

Nonie Darwish: My New Year Wish List For America

December 27, 2015 0

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish gives us a list of New Year's resolutions that every American should support: I wish Americans would stop using the word "racist." It is hostile, offensive, meaningless and vulgar. It […]

Nonie Darwish: The Islamic Victimhood Card Has Expired

December 21, 2015 0

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explains why Muslims always see themselves as victims, even when they're committing acts of violence: Islamic logic never ceases to astound most Americans. In these sensitive times, during which America […]

Nonie Darwish: Where Were the Terrorists Radicalized?

December 12, 2015 0

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explodes the prevailing myth that jihad terrorists generally grew up in "moderate" Muslim homes and then were somehow "radicalized": Where were the terrorists radicalized? Hmmmm… The media and law enforcement […]

Nonie Darwish: Perverted Islamic Feminism

December 2, 2015 0

AFDI Geller Fellow Nonie Darwish explains why we won't see any uprising of Muslim women calling for basic human rights: Many in the West are hopeful that Islam will undergo a reformation at the hands […]

Remember AFDI on #GivingTuesday

November 30, 2015 0

#Giving Tuesday is the global day to celebrate philanthropy. It's the perfect day to show your support for our fight for freedom.    No one but AFDI is taking the fight to the enemies of […]

“Jihadists won’ war on Charlie Hebdo”

July 29, 2015 0

When the Charlie Hebdo capitulators were asked about our cartoon and art event, they rejected the comparison. They said, "She Is obsessed by Islam." Not so. I am obsessed with freedom. And the biggest threat […]

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